10 articles from 2022 that every property manager should read

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With significant rental legislative reforms and tight residential vacancy rates, there has never been a better time for property managers to read up and stay a step ahead in their profession.

Here are 10 must-read articles for property managers from the past year!

Virtually nowhere to go as Queensland’s vacancy rates plateau 

The September quarter for 2022 continued to show just how tight Queensland’s residential vacancy rates have become with no substantial signs of easing any time soon. The REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella comments on the matter in this market analysis. 

Read her statements here! 

How the REIQ toppled the land tax regime 

As a property manager, I’m sure you’ve heard about this scheme at least once since its announcement by the State Government in late 2021. This article highlights the REIQ’s efforts in leading a campaign against a regime which would have damaged property investor confidence in Queensland.  

Read more about this campaign here! 

REIQ’s voice heard at Queensland Housing Summit 

The REIQ were extremely proud to be able to represent the Queensland real estate profession at the Queensland Housing Summit after having earned a seat. Using this opportunity, the REIQ contributed a series of recommendations, both immediate and longer-term. 

Read more about these recommendations here!  

Why property managers need some love 

After the Voice of the Property Manager 2021 report outlined nationally that the property management profession was struggling with employment issues, satisfaction levels and priorities, the REIQ was quick to respond.  

Read the REIQ’s response here! 

REIQ readies agents for new rental laws 

The significant rental reforms which came into effect in October no doubt left a sense of fear and unease over the property management profession. The REIQ provided relief by outlining how they were going to support and prepare property managers for these changes. 

Read how they did this here! 

How the new tenancy laws affect pets in rentals 

Pets were one of the many changes included in the new rental reforms. This article helps outline exactly what the changes were while also providing best practice advice for how to proceed under the new laws. 

Read this advice here! 

FAQS: Rent increases 

With low vacancy rates persisting across Queensland, rent increases in rental properties were becoming very common. As the title of this article suggests, it provides property manages with answers to popular questions regarding rent increases. 

Read these FAQ’s here! 

FAQS: The PO Form 6 

As a property manager, you handle a lot of paperwork. To help agents stay on top of these forms, this FAQ answers insurance, rent roll acquisition and terminating a PO form 6.  

Read these answers here! 

The risk of home businesses for landlords 

With working from home becoming more and more popular, a rise in people starting their own business and operating it out of home has become popular as well. However, there are several factors the lessor should take into consideration and seek legal and council advice, before allowing the tenant to run a home–based business. 

Read about these factors here! 

REIQ program delivers ‘Job Ready’ property managers 

If you’ve been following the REIQ then you probably have already heard of the successful Property Manager Job Ready Program launched earlier this year. This article outlines how the REIQ identified a gap of knowledge in the industry and how they created this program to help resolve it and keep agents a step ahead.  

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