Bespoke Real Estate Training


The REIQ is able to draw on its 105 years’ experience to develop and deliver specialised training and professional development solutions directly linked to your business needs and that of your team.

From bespoke accredited and non-accredited training solutions and topics to agency practice instruction - including form completion, agency law, tenancy law and Realworks training - the REIQ can help your team get a step ahead of the curve.

These solutions can include anything from upskilling your team via small group training sessions to presenting at annual training and development days, drawing content from the REIQ suite of accredited and non-accredited training solutions and topics.

Accredited training

Need to upskill your team members with our suite of licensing programs, including the Registration or Full Licence? We’re here to help. We can deliver tailor-made training solutions for your organisation, providing your staff with the opportunity to receive an accredited qualification.

Better still, if you want your staff to receive training or refreshers on aspects of these qualifications – such as learning modules on sales and marketing, property management, trust accounting etc – we can deliver these specific components to your organisation.

Non-accredited training

If your team members already have accredited qualifications, our non-accredited training solutions provide the opportunity for them to update and refresh their skills.

For example, elements of our Essentials series could be contextualised for your office based on upskilling requirements.

The REIQ can also develop bespoke training sessions on areas of interest for your team, for example, legislative compliance, Contract/Form 6 completion, dispute resolution and QCAT training.

REIQ bespoke training sessions are designed across a range of specialties such as residential sales, property management, buyers agency, business broking and commercial sales and leasing.

Designed and delivered by industry specialists, these training sessions give your team members the opportunity to advance their skills in these sectors and enhance their performance.

Realworks training

Are you getting the most out of Realworks? 

The REIQ offers both basic and advanced Realworks training sessions that will ensure your team maximises their use of the Realworks platform.Streamline your agency processes and increase your efficiency by learning about the suite of functions and features available in Realworks, including DocuSign. 

To find out how the REIQ's Bespoke Real Estate Training can help your office, please email, phone 1300 697 347 or fill out the form below.

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