New Tenancy Laws Toolkit

Staying updated with the latest legislative changes is vital for property managers in Queensland. The New Tenancy Laws Toolkit provides comprehensive best practice guidance on the recent reforms to the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (Qld) (the RTRA Act).

Key Reforms Covered in the Toolkit:

Stage 1 Rental Reforms (Introduced in 2021):

  • Domestic and Family Violence Reforms: These reforms, effective from 21 October 2021, provide stronger protections for tenants experiencing domestic and family violence.
  • Tenancy Ending, Emergency Repairs, Nominated Repairers, and Pet Approvals: Significant changes in how tenancies can be terminated, procedures for handling emergency repairs, the nomination of repairers, and the approval process for tenants keeping pets, all commencing from 1 October 2022.
  • Minimum Housing Standards: Set standards that ensure properties are safe and liveable, effective from 1 September 2023 for new and renewed tenancies, and 1 September 2024 for all tenancies.

Stage 2 Rental Reforms (Passed on 23 May 2024):

  • Effective from 6 June 2024:
  • Rent and Rent in Advance: New rules on the acceptance of rent payments and restrictions on paying rent in advance.
  • Rent Increases: Regulations limiting the frequency and conditions under which rent can be increased.
  • Confidentiality and Establishing Heads of Powers: Provisions ensuring the privacy of tenant information and clearer guidelines on power establishments.
  • Provisions to Commence on Proclamation (Future Date):
  • Tenancy Agreements: Enhanced regulations to manage tenancy agreements more effectively.
  • Collection and Storage of Information: Guidelines on how tenant information should be collected and stored safely.
  • Verification of Identity: New requirements ensuring the proper verification of tenant identities.
  • Bonds, Fees, and Charges: Updated rules concerning bonds, fees, and other rental charges.
  • Entry Notice Periods and Frequency: Adjusted notice periods and frequency for property entry by landlords or property managers.
  • Reletting Costs and Alterations: Caps on reletting costs and new procedures for making property alterations.

Why This Toolkit is Essential:

  • Best Practice Guidance: Detailed explanations and best practices for adhering to the latest legislative changes.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From rent reforms to minimum housing standards, this toolkit covers every aspect of property management affected by the new laws.
  • Templates and Forms: Access to necessary forms and templates simplifies compliance and ensures you meet all legal requirements.

Download Your Copy

Ensure you are fully compliant with Queensland’s new tenancy laws. Download the New Tenancy Laws Toolkit today and equip yourself with the essential knowledge and tools to manage your properties effectively.

Download the New Tenancy Laws Toolkit

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