Greater Brisbane and West Moreton Restrictions

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Update – 17 September: Restrictions have eased in some parts of Queensland.

Under the new changes, residents in the Gold Coast and Darling Downs regions can have gatherings of up to 30 people instead of 10 in indoor and outdoor settings.

Tougher restrictions still apply to the Greater Brisbane and West Moreton areas in response to the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre, West Moreton Health Service and Correctional Academy cluster.

Restrictions in Queensland apply to residents in the following Local Government Areas only:

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The new directive enforces the following limitations on gathering:

Restricted Area

Non-Restricted Area

Outdoor Gathering

A maximum of 10 people regardless of whether people are members of the same household or not.


A maximum of 30 people can gather publicly

Visitors at a Residence

A person who is an owner, resident, tenant, occupier, temporary occupier or person in control of a residence may allow up to 10 people who are not ordinarily members of the person’s household.A person who is an owner, resident, tenant, occupier, temporary occupier or person in control of a residence in a non-restricted area may allow up to 30 people to gather at a residence.

Non-Residential Premises

Maximum of 10 people allowed to gather


Maximum of 30 people allowed to gather



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Owners, tenants and agents must continue to take reasonable steps to encourage visitors to any premises to practise physical distancing and hygiene practices as required and that open home inspections, rental inspections and auctions be limited as required by the new directive.

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has provided an update on the REIQ Facebook page, which you can watch here. Please be advised, if your real estate business is operating under a COVID Safe plan, you are not affected by the latest restrictions for the Greater Brisbane and Ipswich areas. This includes businesses operating under a COVID Safe Industry Plan, a COVID Safe checklist, COVID Safe Site Specific Plan or COVID Safe Event Plan.

You are reminded to ensure that your staff and customers observe social distancing, ensure customer details are retained, and ensure that any staff or customers who are showing any symptoms do not enter your premises.

For more information please refer to the Movement and Gathering Direction (No. 4).

Please note – The Direction has been updated on 02 September 2020 to:

  • clarify the range of essential activities that are not considered a gathering
  • provide advice of the importance of reading this Direction in conjunction with the Business, Activities and Undertaking Direction (No. 5)

This Direction replaces the former Movement and Gathering Direction (No. 3) made on 22 August 2020.

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