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The REIQ has been representing the Queensland real estate profession for more than 100 years, with over 60,000 graduates choosing us for their real estate training. Whether you are looking for a new career in real estate or are a real estate professional wanting to take your career to the next level – REIQ’s training will help you succeed in your real estate career.

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Ashleigh Hopkins
Ashleigh Hopkins
It was an honour to be part of the inaugural REIQ Property Manager Job Ready Program. The program was very insightful and interactive. Presentations were interesting, good slides and real-life anecdotes kept us all engaged. A real eye-opener for us all! I found the workshop refreshing and motivating – there were many elements of my work that can be improved upon to make work life that little bit easier. Laura, Selinda and Connie were all very knowledgeable and engaging trainers and covered a range of topics which appealed to everyone and are vital in the industry. I think everyone is going to take away some good action plans and I think it would be a good idea to refresh on this in a year or 2 time. Thank you also to Jeff for organising an amazing event.
Niki Stockham
Niki Stockham
Fantastic course , great speakers , thank you so much for the opportunity to learn
packie sou
packie sou
Thank you to the trainers, I find them very helpful for my study.
Danii Bennion
Danii Bennion
Malcom Riley is an incredible trainer and REIQ is very lucky to have such an experienced and approachable trainer. As a trainer myself - nationally and internationally I know first had what it takes to able to work an entire room, keep learners engaged and achieve good learning outcomes. Malcolm is very knowledgeable, approachable and really guides learners through every step of the way . Thank you, I have learnt so much . Amazing !
Alana Whelan
Alana Whelan
Rachael Wilschefski has been an amazing tutor!! So helpful and encouraging and a great source of knowledge. I'm so thankful I have been able to work with her on my course.
Colin Ding
Colin Ding
Great course design and online module tools, useful student support especially the private training when you needed. Credit to Rachael for all the support and assistance during the learning period. You are a legend.
Edward Mearns
Edward Mearns
This course was quite confusing at times. But I thank SELINDA RANDALL for all of her feedback on questions and helping mark my assessments! Great work guys 🙂

Why choose REIQ

  1. EXPERT INDUSTRY TRAINERS Studying with the REIQ means you’ll learn from the best of the best. All of our trainers have at least 13 years’ experience and are professionals who have excelled in their real estate careers and transitioned into teaching, enabling them to pass on their industry expertise to you.
  2. REPUTATION Real estate agencies are 60% more likely to hire REIQ Graduates. This is thanks to our longstanding industry reputation, history of advocacy for the real estate profession and our expert trainers. The REIQ is highly regarded by the industry and trusted to produce job-ready graduates.
  3. GRADUATE MEMBERSHIP We offer FREE 12-month graduate membership to support you during your first year in the industry to help you succeed! Our graduate membership assists with a seamless transition from student to professional and will help you to apply your theoretical knowledge to practical experience. Eligible for all graduates of our full Certificate IV, Registration, Full Licence, Auctioneering or Resident Letting courses.
  4. SUPPORT The REIQ offers FREE, personalised one-on-one support sessions with our expert trainers to assist you every step of the way and achieve your learning goals. You also have options such as flexible study, priority marking and tutoring available to you to ensure you’re supported throughout your studies.
  5. INDUSTRY CONNECTIONS We understand the importance of a strong career network and this is why we help you build one! REIQ students are provided with FREE career networking opportunities to meet with credible agencies. These events are a great opportunity to connect with industry professionals in a casual environment and meet potential employers.

Ready to study?


If you’re looking for a way to get into the industry – Registration Real Estate Certificate should be your first step! Completion of this course will enable you to work as a real estate salesperson or a property manager. Registration Certificate can also be the stepping stone to other real estate careers.

Full Licence

Prefer to start at the top? A Full Real Estate Licence will allow you to work as a real estate salesperson or property manager and be your own boss with your own agency as well! Completion of this real estate course will also enable you to work as a self-employed independent contractor.

A career in real estate has unlimited opportunities

Real estate offers such a wide variety of career paths. If there is something you identify you enjoy and are good at, chances are you can find it here! Property management calls on your organisation ability and attention to detail. Real estate sales may suit a good communicator with excellent customer service skills. Business broking may appeal to the financially literate who enjoy negotiating. If you’ve got a real estate career in mind, we can find the right course for you!

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