Property managers needing help can contact the PMSS
  • 31 Jan 2022
  • 4 min read
  • By Rory Scott

How to get property management support from the

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As a property manager, it's not uncommon to encounter challenges throughout your career, particularly with new tenancy laws looming. Luckily for REIQ members, the Property Management Support Service (PMSS) exists to help you navigate these tough periods.

Rob Doorey, the host of the Property Brief podcast, sat down with Selinda Randall and Connie McKee, two members of the PMSS, to discuss how this service helps REIQ members and what issues property managers face in Queensland.

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What does the PMSS do?

With decades of experience under their belt, McKee says the PMSS team members are property management experts who are ready to answer whatever questions come their way.

The team has been at the forefront of helping property managers navigate through the new tenancy laws coming into force on 1 October 2022.

"We offer legislation advice; we can't provide legal advice, but we can refer accredited members to our legal partners at Carter Newell if we believe extra assistance is required," says McKee.

"[Additionally], in property management there is a lot of grey, and because all the team are current practitioners and have managed thousands of properties, we provide guidance as to how to manage the owner and tenant in your communications and how to apply best practice to the legislation.

"Sometimes we are just a sounding board to make sure the members are reassured that they're doing the right thing."

Open to all REIQ members, the PMSS team can offer property management advice to anyone who needs it. Randall says it can sometimes be a property manager's only option as they might have no one else in their office who can provide support.

"In an office where someone is the only property manager, and their principal licensee is a salesperson, they may have no one to discuss a problem with and that's why they contact us," says Randall.

"Half the time they know the answer themselves, they just want to talk to somebody to make sure they're on the right path."

How the PMSS can help you

Property management legislation is ever changing and the PMSS team must be at the forefront of this to meet the needs of REIQ members. Randall says the questions can cover an extremely broad range of topics.

"We get a lot of questions surrounding things such as breaches and what you can breach a tenant for," says Randall.

"When a property manager or owner has found an incident they aren't happy with, we help them understand how this process works and how they can deal with certain situations.

"[A member] may have been given instructions by a landlord that they are unsure of how to proceed so they can have a conversation with [the PMSS team] about what sections of an act is relevant to their queries. If it's not specific to legislation we can provide advice as to the best way to handle the situation moving forward."

Using a breach as an example, McKee also points out that the PMSS is not just an advisory service, it can also act as an educational platform for property managers.

"Some property managers don't clearly understand the difference between standard and special terms and that's where it all starts if you're talking about a breach agreement," says McKee.

"Rather than just giving them answers, I'll ask them to get the Form 18a in front of them and I do a tutorial to help them grow in their professional development."

Listen to McKee and Randall on season two of the Property Brief podcast.

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