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For more than 100 years the REIQ has represented Queensland real estate professionals.
If you work in real estate, you’re the reason we’re here. The REIQ provides more practical help to members than ever before.

We offer several different categories of membership, each with different benefits packages and eligibility requirements. From large agencies to students just starting out, the REIQ has a membership option tailored to suit.

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REIQ Membership 2022 Prices

Type of MembershipPrice of Membership
Accredited Agency - Large$1,243.00
Accredited Agency - Micro$841.00
Accredited Agency - Branch$418.00
Individual Membership - Practising and Associate $217.00
Affiliate Membership - Corporate$263.00
Affiliate Membership - Individual$192.00

Reasons to be an reiq member

Are you looking to sign up as an REIQ Member in 2022? Here are just some reasons why you should.

  • To keep up-to-date with industry news and insights
  • Be a part of the state’s most trusted organisation within the industry
  • Access to free legal and industry advice
  • Timely and crucial CPD Training courses
  • Add your voice to advocacy issues affecting the industry
  • Excellent networking opportunities
  • Discounts on REIQ events
  • Industry updates via REIQ Journal and speciality property management newsletter
  • Plus much more!

Categories of REIQ Membership

Individual Member

REIQ individual membership gives you a year’s worth of sensational value, all for under $4.50 a week – that’s less than most of us spend on coffee in a day! REIQ Individual membership is broken up into two categories, individual practising membership and individual associate membership.

Individual practising membership you’ll need a full licence and be actively engaged in real estate practice in Queensland. For an individual associate membership, you’ll need a registration certificate and be actively engaged in real estate practice in Queensland. Learn more about individual memberships.

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Accredited Agency membership

Accredited Agency membership means your staff gain access to the REIQ’s sales and property management advisory services. To qualify for this membership, the agency’s Principal Licensee must also be an REIQ Individual Member.

An accredited agency with two or fewer agents are considered a micro agency, and an accredited agency with three or more agents is considered a large agency.

Additional separate real estate offices owned by the same corporation (operating at a separate location) are eligible for REIQ Accredited Agency branch office membership, providing each office meets the above membership requirements. Learn more about Accredited agency memberships.

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Affiliate membership

Individuals or businesses with an interest in real estate. If you’re an individual or a business with an interest in real estate, Affiliate Individual or Corporate membership gives you a range of benefits.

With an affiliate membership you have access to the latest property market analysis, get discounts on CPD training courses,  discounts on events, stay up to date with the latest news and legislation and so much more…

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