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Selinda RandallFrom the doctor’s surgery to the real estate office; Selinda Randall chose to pivot careers from the health industry to a career in real estate over 25 years ago and has never looked back.

Randall is now a practising property manager, the Principal Licensee of a Property Investment company, and a trainer and advisor for the REIQ’s Property Management Support Service (PMSS).

What Inspired You To Pursue a Career in Real Estate?

After spending her days behind a medical practice computer desk, Randall decided that a regular office job was not for her. She decided to change careers into something that made her days a little more exciting.

“Funnily enough, what drew me to real estate is still the same thing I love about it now. No two days are the same, so there is never a chance to be bored. Every day presents a challenge of varying degree,” says Randall.

What Do You Love Most About Working in the Real Estate Industry?

It’s not uncommon that professionals pursuing a career in real estate enjoy helping people.

“The highlight of my career is definitely joining the REIQ team on the PMSS line. I love speaking to different property managers and offering assistance – reminding them what a great job they are doing,” says Randall.

“The Covid-19 pandemic had such a devastating effect on so many people, the rental industry was certainly no different.

“Emotionally, PMs took on a work load we had never experienced before and we had to learn to adapt and quickly learn new skills.

“It was inspiring to watch how as an industry we dealt with this, the support we offered each other and the comradery that was shown as an industry.  It certainly is something we should all be proud of.”

Off the Clock

Outside of office hours, Randall is committed to her health and fitness.

“Guided hikes have enabled me to visit some beautiful locations with friends – The Great Ocean Road, Blue Mountains, Stanthorpe and the Sunshine Coast. It’s a great way to spend time with friends, enjoy local food and wines, as well as explore the picturesque countryside,” says Randall.

Randall’s Tips For Success in the Real Estate Industry

“Never stop improving your knowledge. Obtaining your certificate of registration or licence gives you what you require to work in the industry. However, I suggest continuing to improve your knowledge. By doing this, you will gain what you will need to forge a successful career in the industry,” says Randall.

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Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark
20 10 2022 - Robyn is always helpful and provides the correct advice with a sense of humour - Freshens ones day - thank you for your advice, courtesy and humour - Anthony Clark
Alice Donatelli
Alice Donatelli
I've recently completed Cert IV in Real Estate Practice with REIQ and couldn't be happier with the quality of this course. The best part was the SUPPORT. Trainers are always there to help whenever I had a doubt or a questions throughout the whole duration of the course. They respond super quickly to emails, sometimes even on a Saturday morning! Delivery was exceptional, all learning materials were up to date, well explained and easy to understand. They provide you with lots of .pdf forms to practice with during the completion of each of the 8 assessments, and you can keep them for reference. Each assessments has great balance between practical and theory aspects. I gained so much knowledge from this course and I feel ready to work in the industry. Thank you so much to all the REIQ team!
Ian Preston
Ian Preston
Great course and practical experience based knowledge. Experienced tutors and the content which is self paced and easy to follow Thanks to Selinda, Michelle, Trudi, and all the team. For those looking at doing the course make sure you stay the course and remain focused, you need to invest your own time to pass
Joel Raftopoulos
Joel Raftopoulos
The REIQ registration course was quite comprehensive for a new start in the Queensland industry. The content was adequately detailed and the quiz tests challenging. The appendices in pdf format were particularly useful to be saved for future reference. Over all, quite a good overview for starting out in real estate in queensland. Joel Raftopoulos 12 October 2020
Sharon Carston
Sharon Carston
PM Job Ready Training Course. Being new to the industry, completing the course has given me confidence and knowledge that was missing from the Registration Training. All trainers presenting were a wealth of knowledge, due to having worked in the industry for many years. The training course is not only for new people to the industry. This is very beneficial to Property Managers that have been doing the job for many years also. The training was interesting, due to how it is presented and how the training course has been written. I recommend for anyone in Property Management, take PM Job Ready Training Course. Sharon
Ashleigh Hopkins
Ashleigh Hopkins
It was an honour to be part of the inaugural REIQ Property Manager Job Ready Program. The program was very insightful and interactive. Presentations were interesting, good slides and real-life anecdotes kept us all engaged. A real eye-opener for us all! I found the workshop refreshing and motivating – there were many elements of my work that can be improved upon to make work life that little bit easier. Laura, Selinda and Connie were all very knowledgeable and engaging trainers and covered a range of topics which appealed to everyone and are vital in the industry. I think everyone is going to take away some good action plans and I think it would be a good idea to refresh on this in a year or 2 time. Thank you also to Jeff for organising an amazing event.
Niki Stockham
Niki Stockham
Fantastic course , great speakers , thank you so much for the opportunity to learn
packie sou
packie sou
Thank you to the trainers, I find them very helpful for my study.



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