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The REIQ PM (Property Management) Job Ready Program is designed for anyone who has completed their certificate of Registration or Full Licence and want to pursue a rewarding career in Property Management. This program is designed as a fast-track pathway to enable you to hit the ground running as a Property Manager and succeed in the real estate industry. Learn the specialised knowledge and practical skills of a Property Manager as you apply the theory you’ve learned to real-world examples.

About this Course

This program consists of a two-day face-to-face class and six months access to online resources. At the completion of this course, you’ll graduate with a Statement of Completion.

Career Opportunities

Property Management is a rewarding career that will rapidly develop your interpersonal, communication and time-management skills, allowing you to make a valuable difference to the lives of tenants and property owners.


  1. Personalised Access one-on-one support from our industry expert tutors to achieve your goals faster.
  2. Flexible In person and online self-paced learning options, so you can study when best suits you.
  3. Industry relevant Our close ties to the real estate industry through our members mean we understand what’s happening in real estate right now. Whether it’s sales or property management courses, we know exactly what you need to succeed.
  4. Best practice We represent real estate in Queensland, so we want to help you be among the best in the profession.
  5. Trusted Chosen by over 60,000 real estate professionals to launch their careers.



We’ve represented Queensland real estate for more than 100 years. We have the knowledge, the network and the credibility to help you succeed.



Real estate training providing streamlined assessments and new state-of-the-art online learning platform. We also offer more assessment support from qualified trainers.



More real estate professionals trust the REIQ for training than any other QLD provider. More than a piece of paper, we give you what you need to know.


About the program

How long will it take me to complete the course?

After completing the two-day face-to-face class, students can study the online resources as fast as they like but will have maximum six months to complete.

How is the course delivered?

This program has a blended learning approach consisting of two-day face-to-face classes and six months of online resources to complete within six months.


At the successful completion of this program students will be issued with a Statement of Completion.

What REIQ graduates say

how they make the industry work for them

Based on 80 reviews.
Alana Whelan
Alana Whelan
Rachael Wilschefski has been an amazing tutor!! So helpful and encouraging and a great source of knowledge. I'm so thankful I have been able to work with her on my course.
Colin Ding
Colin Ding
Great course design and online module tools, useful student support especially the private training when you needed. Credit to Rachael for all the support and assistance during the learning period. You are a legend.
Edward Mearns
Edward Mearns
This course was quite confusing at times. But I thank SELINDA RANDALL for all of her feedback on questions and helping mark my assessments! Great work guys 🙂
Thomas Deane
Thomas Deane
I would thanks REIQ for the amazing services that have deliver to me. I got so much out with quick response and and amazing Tutorial they have and the amazing staff that give you one on one support. I would recommend if you want to get your realestate exam go through the one and only REIQ
Jo Wilkie
Jo Wilkie
Completed My Real Estate Licence with REIQ in 2021. Great Experience. The team at REIQ were really supportive of students challenges and were very professional and informative in how they responded to students during the assessment tasks. Many thanks. Would highly recommend if you are seeking your sales persons license or your full license to only use REIQ.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are students supported to complete the course?

We offer personalised program related follow up sessions with our Property Management Specialist Trainers. Trainers are also contactable by phone and email to help answer your questions during business hours.

Are there any prerequisites?

Students must hold a Real Estate Registration or Full Licence to enrol into this program.

What experience do the course trainers have?

Our trainers and assessors have at least 13 years experience in the real estate industry and are selected for their expertise and their ability to convey their skills and knowledge to students. The REIQ prides itself on providing up-to-date information, quality materials and comprehensive support to students undertaking their study with us. All REIQ training and assessment is developed by industry trainers in consultation with REIQ members and specialists in the subject area. All materials are regularly updated to ensure that REIQ’s training is meeting the needs of an ever-changing real estate profession.

What happens after I complete the course?

On completion of the two-day face to face program, you will be provided with a Certificate of Completion showing details of the 12 modules completed. You will then have a further 6 months access to the learning resources, uploaded in REIQ Student Portal / Learning management system.

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