The General Tenancy Agreements (Form 18a) in Realworks will have a slightly different and exciting new user experience.

From 20 July, property managers will have a slightly different user experience to prepare and send tenancy agreements. This transition will be closely managed to avoid any impact on Realworks users and Edit and Resend subscribers.

Current Edit and Resend subscribers will continue to have access to the functionality until their monthly subscription expires. Finalised and signed Form 18as can be accessed in Realworks regardless of the method it was signed (unless deleted).

An alternative, FREE solution for digital execution on the Form 18a will be offered to users – stay tuned!


How will tenancy agreements work after the One Touch™ experience is turned off?

The process for preparing and sending a General Tenancy Agreement (Form 18a) will be the same as preparing and sending any other document in Realworks. After you’ve finalised the document, you can choose to download the form to send via email or choose to execute digitally with an alternative signing solution. More information coming soon!

What is the transition period? How will this impact me as a One Touch™ user?

The planned transition period is 4 weeks, beginning from 20 July. Any changes to dates and timing will be communicated by the REIQ to ensure users are fully informed.

What will happen to my executed tenancy agreements?

If you have completed a One Touch™ tenancy agreement and it is still current (that is the end date of the contract expires after 19 July), you will still be able to access the agreement through the “All parties have now signed” email. Your tenants will be able to access their contract through the email they received in the “Congratulations! Here is your contract” email.

Alternatively, finalised and signed Form 18as can be accessed in Realworks regardless of the method it was signed (unless deleted).

What will happen to agreements that are in the process of being signed (in flight / midway) during the transition?

A Form 18a sent prior to 20 July will remain active and available to Realworks users within the OTE platform for four weeks unless voided or completed earlier.

Current statistics show 99% of contracts complete the signing process within four weeks, and OTE will be made available to support these timelines.

How will this impact me as an Edit and Resend subscriber?

If your subscription was scheduled to renew after 19 July, you will not have access to Edit and Resend from the date of your renewal. If your renewal occurred prior to or on 19 July, you will continue to have access to Edit and Resend up until the renewal date in August.

Got questions?

Edit and Resend Subscribers can still get technical assistance for the duration of their subscription by contacting For other Realworks queries, please visit our Realworks page or call 1300MYREIQ.