Agreements sent via One Touch™ are signed within minutes!

  1. Increase agency revenue One Touch™ is FREE and can potentially increase your agency revenue. You can do this by connecting your utility provider to the tenant signing process all with a single click.
  2. Reduce administration for better conversation Claim your time back with automated emails so you can spend less time managing and more time connecting with the people who matter most!
  3. Increased Visibility Have tenants acknowledge your agency’s documents as part of your lease signing process.
  4. Greater transparency View your lease status and activity at any time
  5. Complete Control Ability to cancel an offered lease
  6. Greater transparency View your lease status and activity at any time



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One Touch™ Features

  1. Connect your utility provider and generate more revenue One Touch™ is a free digital signing option for your General Tenancy Agreement, readily available within your Realworks platform. Connect your utility provider to the One Touch™ signing flow to benefit from our tried and tested lucrative utilities workflow at no additional charge to your agency.
  2. Automated emails and deadline reminders One Touch™ offers automated emails that communicate with the tenant throughout the signing flow. Change required? Tenants are notified. The agreement has been cancelled. Tenant notified. Agreement not signed in time? Tenant notified. All without any additional effort on your part!
  3. Signing flows and email attachments One Touch™ Execution allows your agency send attachments for the tenant to acknowledge they have read, before the tenant will be permitted to sign the agreement.
  4. Lease status and activity panel See the lease progress through the stages of signing and have complete visibility over all activities that have taken place on the agreement. You will even receive a copy of the events once the lease has been finalised!
  5. Cancel agreements Sending a leave via One Touch™ gives your agency full control to cancel the offer agreement at any time during the signing process.


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