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A new standard for contracts

Our new general tenancy agreement is a game changer. We’ve created a smarter, faster and easier way to complete, issue, track, and digitally sign your Form18a in minutes, not days.

We believe in simplifying the rental process and making it less stressful for everyone involved.  We have created a solution that allows agencies to focus more on their most meaningful work like building relationships, and less on organising paperwork, writing emails, returning missed phone calls or scheduling follow ups due to tenant delays.

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Fast, secure and compliant

One Touch Execution enables fast, secure and compliant contract management, for everyone. Spend more time with your customers and less time doing repetitive tasks. With ease, you can attach all the required documentation, add additional contract terms, set a contract signature due date, get a history of the contract activity and track its status in real time.


automatic utility referrals

Generate more referral fees by using One Touch Execution! Once you have set up your default provider, your referral fee arrangement will continue to operate as it does currently, only now, it will automatically occur as part of the tenant signing process.

Enjoy the benefits of One Touch Execution

  1. Attach and send all your documents with the Tenancy Agreement Attach and send to the tenant any important documents, such as by-laws and privacy statements. These will be sent along with the Tenancy Agreement.
  2. Get tenants to view and sign everything faster using their mobile Tenants can sign their Tenancy Agreement at the touch of a button using their mobile device.
  3. We securely record every event using our distributed ledger technology A complete record of events under the lease can be viewed at any time, reducing miscommunications between all parties and making dispute resolution faster and easier.
  4. Save time following up tenants by using our automated emails Our system ensures that all tenants automatically receive updates and reminders. This frees up time for you to focus on more important things.


Key Benefits

Key benefits of One Touch Execution

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How to use One Touch Execution to its full potential

One Touch enables fast, secure and compliant signing of the General Tenancy Agreement (Form 18a) in Realworks. Master the One Touch Execution basics with this short video.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does One Touch Execution cost?

It is provided to all Realworks users completely free of charge.

What happens when I select “New” or “Renewal” at the top of the form?

This will determine which customised automated email flow will be activated after the form has been sent off for signing. This creates a personalised and relevant experience for your tenant during the One Touch Execution process.

How do we know that the tenant has read through the agreement?

The tenant must scroll through all pages of the agreement during the digital signing process before they are able to proceed to the next stage and sign. This is recorded through our distributed ledger technology and will be listed in the register of events sent to all parties after the agreement has been signed.

Where can I see Additional Occupants in the finalised form?

This information will be visible in the Part 3 “Special Terms” section.

Can I open or work on more than one form at a time?

Yes, you can. As Realworks is accessed through an internet browser, you can open multiple forms at the same time by right-clicking the form you would like to open and selecting “Open in a new tab”.   Where your agency uses a CRM, simply open an additional form in another browser tab or window.

Can the agency amend the form after it’s been sent to the tenant?

Yes!  During the digital signing process, a signee can “Request a change”, which allows them to write a message to the other party specifying any incorrect details or other changes needed.  This automatically sends an email to the other party notifying them that a change request has been made, along with details of the request.

Please note the following different scenarios:

  1. Where a change is required after the agreement has been sent to the tenant, but before the tenant has signed, the tenant must request the change in order to give the agent the ability to edit the form.
  2. Where a change is required and the tenants have already signed, the lessor/agent can request the change when they begin their own signing process. By selecting “Request a change” during the signing process, the agency will then have the ability to edit the form. In this instance, given that the terms of the agreement have changed, the form will need to be re-signed by all tenants. After the agent has made the necessary changes, the tenants will automatically receive an updated version of the agreement and be prompted to complete the digital signing process again.

Do I need to manually enter in agency details every time I want to create a new lease?

No, it is possible to create a template in the Realworks platform which you can then open from either your CRM platform or directly from Realworks.

Can the initial email to the Tenant be customised?

Yes. You can customise the email template located on the bottom of the form however you like. For example, you can change the words in the email, upload additional attachments and update the logo to reflect your agency’s branding.  The tenants will receive this email along with a unique link that takes them to the agreement.

If you don’t need to customise your message, a default message will automatically appear which has been crafted by us for your tenants.

Please note: if you decide to customise this email, your changes will then be saved as the default email for any future General Tenancy Agreements that you generate. This aims to save you time by removing the need for you to re-write the same email for every new property.

Browser Compatibility

As the latest version of the General Tenancy Agreement has been built with security in mind, we support only the most secure and modern browsers.  Compatible browsers include the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Please note that Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is not compatible.

I use Console Gateway and I’m having trouble generating a Form 18a, what do I do?

Please check to see if you are using the latest version of Console GatewayLive. The minimum version of GatewayLive compatible with NextGen forms is v7.58. For instructions on how to upgrade Console Gateway software, please go to https://myconsole.com.au/downloads-updates/ or contact Console for support at https://www.console.com.au/contact-us/

Previewing, Signing and Deadlines

Can I edit the signature deadline date?

Yes, simply select the drop-down icon next to the signature deadline on the One Touch Execution pop-up screen.  It will provide some suggested options, otherwise choose “Custom” to select your own preferred date and time.

What happens if the deadline is missed?

In the event the deadline is missed by any signees (including the agency) the contract will have to be reissued for signing.

How do I preview and print the form?

To preview the form before sending it to tenants, simply scroll down to the bottom of the form, click “Preview Draft Form18a” and a copy of the draft will be downloaded to your desktop for you to view and print if you wish.   At the end of the One Touch Execution process when all parties have signed the agreement, you will also be emailed a PDF copy of the final signed agreement which you can print and save for your records.

There is a box filled with numbers and letters instead of a physical signature in the signing box, what is this?

This is known as “Hash Code” and it’s the One Touch Execution digital signature created using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).  Every hash is a unique set of numbers and letters, which means no digital signatures can ever be the same.

What is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)?

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a technology we use to privately, securely, and accurately record the details of activities and transactions that take place in relation to this agreement. The reason this technology is secure is because, unlike traditional databases, the activity is recorded in different locations across a network. This makes it far more difficult for anyone to successfully access or alter this data. It remains your source of truth. The unique DLT record of your signature and timestamp is included in the final signed contract in the signature box.

Do tenants need an individual email and mobile to sign electronically via One Touch?

Yes.  This is part of the two factor authentication required to sign via OTE. If this is not possible the agency will need to download the tenancy agreement.

Does the tenant see our mobile number?

No. In the final step of completing the form the One Touch modal will appear (this is the pop-up modal saying “Get it Signed with One Touch!”).  The tenants and agents details need to be added into that modal to complete and send the form. The agency/property manager’s mobile details are kept confidential from the tenants and are only used for receiving updates and tracking the progress of the lease and signing via OTE.

Can you attach the Bond Lodgement Form and get the tenant to sign?

Yes.  Located at the bottom of the General Tenancy Agreement form is an email that goes to the tenant. Your agency can upload any attachments that you like to this section and customise the email to the tenant requesting that the bond lodgement form be signed and sent back to the office.  We note that many Agencies opt to send their tenants to the online bond lodgement available through the RTA (click here).

Can we insert snippets into the Special Terms field on page 8?

Yes, however only text can be entered into the Special Terms field and not screenshots or snippets themselves. So you must  copy and paste the snippets into the field as required.

Can the agency amend or cancel the lease after it’s been sent to the tenant?

All signees (tenants and agents) will have the ability to “Request a change” as they complete their digital signing of the GTA. Should tenants sign an incorrect lease, the Agent/ Lessor can “Request a change” which will put the lease back into an editable state allowing the agent to make any amendments and re-send the lease for signing. The lease is not final until both parties have signed the lease.

I do not want to use One Touch Execution, what do I do?

There are three ways to finalise the General Tenancy Agreement: by One Touch Execution, by Download and by DocuSign.  To view these options, simply select “Show alternative methods”, which is located at the bottom of the One Touch Execution signing pop-up.

Will this mean I don’t need a DocuSign subscription?

At this point in time One Touch Execution is only available for the General Tenancy Agreement (Form18a).  In the event that you would like to use One Touch Execution, and you don’t use DocuSign for any other forms, then a DocuSign subscription will not be required.


Is the One Touch Execution signature legal and compliant? Will it hold up in court?

Yes – the execution of the Form 18a using One Touch Execution is legally binding and has the full support of the REIQ and QCAT. The hash signature created using our technology is a valid and enforceable signature facilitating a binding residential tenancy agreement pursuant to the Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001 (Qld) and the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (Qld).  It also constitutes an Electronic Signature for the purposes of section 56 of the Special Terms adopted and approved by the REIQ.

For further guidance, please refer to this document.

How do the tenants initial each page?

When using One Touch Execution all signees are required to scroll through each page of the agreement before they are able to proceed to the next step and sign. This is recorded through our Distributed Ledger Technology, satisfying the legal requirements and removing the need for the signee to initial each page.

Workflow and Notifications

Do we receive deadline reminders?

Yes. If the tenant or lessor/agent is approaching the signing deadline selected by the agent when preparing the form, automatic reminders will be emailed to both the agent and tenant informing them that the deadline is approaching and signatures are still required.

What is the workflow/steps for One Touch Execution?

Step 1: New Form18a is generated
A property manager generates a tenancy agreement using the Form18a through Realworks or your CRM.  This applies for both new contracts and renewals.

Step 2: Sent to the Tenant/s for signature
The agreement is sent to all tenants for digital signing using the One Touch process.

Step 3: Sent to the Lessor/Agent for signature
Once the tenant/s have signed the agreement, it’s then emailed to the nominated Lessor/Agent for their digital signature.

Step 4: Final General Tenancy Agreement
All parties receive a copy of the final signed agreement, along with a register of events that shows the date and time when each of the steps above occurred.

Can we still use One Touch Execution if a tenant does not have an email address and/or a phone number?

In this situation, the agency will need to download the tenancy agreement. Click “Show alternative methods” on the OTE signing modal and then select “Download & Finalise”.