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  • 14 Oct 2020
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Meet Our Trainer: Karin Riley

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Karin Riley
Karin Riley unexpectedly fell into a career in real estate over 30 years ago. Since then, she has excelled in her career as a Principal Licensee in Cairns alongside her husband, Malcom Riley. A move to the Gold Coast brought the dynamic duo to the REIQ, where they now share their highly valuable expertise and wisdom with budding real estate professionals.

What inspired you to pursue a career in real estate?

A career in real estate was not one that Riley had planned to pursue, as she began her professional journey as a Registered Nurse. She fell into the industry in 1989 after moving to Cairns.

"This was not something I had planned. After moving to Cairns, my husband, Malcolm Riley, and I opened up a real estate office which he worked in while I worked as a Registered Nurse at the local hospital.

"After having our second child, I then progressed into the business which is where my career in real estate began," says Riley.

What do you love most about a career in the real estate industry?

"A career in real estate offers many opportunities for career advancement, as well as earning potential," says Riley.

She has excelled in the industry, becoming well-known in the industry and a notable woman in real estate. She was also a finalist in the Australian Institute of Management Awards in the Business Owner category in 2012.

"I also love the variety of people you meet along your career journey. Real estate is certainly a people business," says Riley.

Off the clock

Riley has a few hobbies outside of the workplace including singing in a quartet, creating art and craft and playing golf. When she's not singing her heart out or teaching the REIQ students, Riley is planning celebrations for her family.

"My two children were born on the same day of the year, yet three years apart. It makes double the fun for the 18th and 21st birthday celebrations!" says Riley.

Riley's Tips For Success in the Real Estate Industry

"Real estate is a people's business. Interpersonal skills and relationship building is the key to success. Making your clients feel important and cared about is required.

"As a real estate professional you may think projecting an image of success is most important in order to convince clients that you are good at what you do, however don't forget that the same respect can be achieved by making sensible decisions. Surround yourself with experts and continue with self-education and if at all possible try the option of hiring a real estate coach to give you that boost to get you going," says Riley.

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