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  • 01 Jan 2024
  • 3 min read
  • By Nicole Madigan

Why being an introvert can be an asset to sales agents

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If you're considering a career in real estate, the most common assumption is that those in the business are natural extroverts - that big talkers get the big sales.

But is the extroverted salesperson stereotype accurate? And is a loud and boisterous personality the key to a successful career in property sales? The answer is both yes and no.

It's no secret that there are plenty of gun real estate agents with outgoing personalities - extroverts are often charismatic. They can tell a story like no one's business, they draw people in. But extroversion is not the only way to carve out a successful career in real estate. In fact, having an introverted personality type can offer its own set of benefits.

Here are four key reasons why your reserved nature could work to your advantage.

1. Introverts know how to listen

While extroverts are known for their ability to say what needs to be said, introverts are more comfortable listening. So, provided you're armed with the right set of questions, introverts have the opportunity to really delve deep into the minds of their customers, to gauge a real understanding of their wants and needs.

Generally uncomfortable with small talk, introverts will get down to business quickly, allowing clients to feel heard, understood and respected. Widely known as over-thinkers, introverts will take hold of that inside information, carry out an in-depth analysis and remember it well.

2. Introverts build meaningful relationships

In day to day life, extroverts are known for their wide circle of friends - they make them easily, while introverts tend to have a smaller selection of closer friends.

These personality traits extend to professional encounters too. While extroverts get along well with people and can easily build rapport, introverts develop what can feel like real friendships with their clients, which will hopefully last well beyond the sale.

3. Authenticity

While people rally around extroverts, they're often be drawn to introverts if they have a secret to share or a burden to offload. That's because introverts are often perceived as trustworthy and authentic.

Less comfortable talking, introverts are often excellent at non-verbal communication, which is warm and considered, giving off a genuine and concerned vibe.

4. Thorough preparation

Unlike extroverts, introverts don't enjoy the task of filling empty silences or talking for the sake of it. So 'winging it' during an appointment can cause unwanted angst, and put them off their game.

More than likely, introverts have done enough research to ensure they'll have plenty of relevant information to discuss. They'll know the property inside and out, and this will come through during discussion with clients.

So while extroversion does have its advantages, if you're the quiet type, don't fret. Draw on your own unique skills and personality traits, and you can enjoy the same level of success as your smooth-talking counterparts.

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