• 15 Apr 2021
  • 5 min read
  • By Rory Scott

Part 2: Which real estate career path is right for you?

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With many exciting career pathways to choose from, knowing what job is right for you can be hard for someone new to the real estate industry.

The REIQ offers the training to kick-start your real estate career, but it's important to identify what career pathway will suit your interests and skills.

If none of the options listed in Part 1 of this article were of interest to you, don't worry. The REIQ has broken down three more exciting career options.

Property Manager

With the right attitude, there is never a dull moment as a property manager. It's an incredibly fulfilling career and if you have a desire to develop your real estate skills while working in an ever-changing environment, this is the job for you.

An average day for a property manager is anything but average, as your daily tasks can differ depending on the needs of your tenants, property owners or agency. The main role involves acting as an intermediary between property owners and tenants in rental properties but there are many more tasks that will fill up your day. This includes advertising properties, conducting inspections, screening tenants, setting rental rates, negotiating lease agreements and building a rapport with tenants and owners.

The many different duties of a property manager will make sure you're constantly being challenged and you always have something to do. According to Real Estate Business, some of the top qualities of a high performing property manager are good communication and organisational skills, attention to detail and the ability to manage problems.

Just like a sales agent, you're not limited to the residential sector as you have the option to expand your career and become a commercial property manager. You could end up managing office buildings, warehouses, clubs, pubs or even shopping centres. This comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges that may suit your skills and interests.

Study pathways to become qualified to work as a Property Manager.

  • REIQ Registration Course

  • REIQ Registration Course + REIQ Upgrade Course

  • REIQ Full Licence course

Interested in becoming a Property Manager? Enrol in an REIQ course now to kick-start your career as a Property Manager.

Resident Letting Agent

Similarly to a property manager, a resident letting agent's responsibilities involve managing a property owned by an investor, but there are several key differences. The main difference is a resident letting agent can only rent out and manage properties they have the management rights to. Usually, these properties are located in a building complex and this is a resident letting agent's principal place of business. Resident letting agents are also able to open and operate trust accounts if they are the principal agent of that business and have completed the necessary qualifications.

The life of a resident letting agent can be very rewarding and there are many opportunities to succeed in this role. You'll most likely be responsible for a building complex made up of units or townhouses, where there is an option to live in the complex, which may suit your lifestyle. For example, if you love the beach, you could be living and working at a residential building right on the coastline.

Additionally, there is an opportunity to grow your own business and reach a point where you'll be hiring staff and managing hundreds of properties throughout multiple complexes. This is a possibility as a resident letting agent and part of the reason why it's an attractive career option in real estate. The Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association, the peak body for the Management Rights Industry, recommends key skills to succeed in the industry, and these include excellent business management skills and good people skills.

Study pathways to become qualified to work as a Resident Letting Agent.

  • REIQ Registration Course + REIQ Resident Letting Agent Licence Course

  • REIQ Registration Course + REIQ Upgrade Course

  • REIQ Full Licence course

Interested in becoming a Resident Letting Agent? Enrol in an REIQ course now to kick-start your career as a Resident Letting Agent.

Buyer's Agent

Representing the interest of the buyer, a buyer's agent is hired by prospective buyers to search, evaluate and negotiate the purchase of a property. In a role that can be seen as the opposite of a sales agent, a buyer's agent will help the buyer make the best possible investment decision.

The day-to-day life of a buyer's agent can vary greatly and some of the most common tasks include, sourcing and shortlisting properties for buyers, general property advisory, guiding buyers through the purchase process, bidding at auction for buyers and communicating with the sellers and their legal team. Your role in purchasing will be dependent on the buyer, and sometimes they will request you to take control of the entire process, which is why it's important to be knowledgeable about real estate dealings.

The Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia (REBAA) suggests that having a background in real estate, business or law can be helpful. However, REBAA says this isn't necessary to succeed as one of the best ways to get started as a buyer's agent is to work underneath an already established agent or agency. This will allow you to learn directly from a professional and make sure you're on the right track throughout your first few years. Although there can be a lot to learn, a career as a buyer's agent can be very rewarding and fulfilling with the right work ethic.

Study pathways to become qualified to work as a Buyer's Agent.

  • REIQ Registration Course + REIQ Buyer's Agent Course

  • REIQ Registration Course + REIQ Upgrade Course + REIQ's Buyers Agent Course

  • REIQ Full Licence course + REIQ Buyer's Agent Course =

Interested in becoming a Buyer's Agent? Enrol in an REIQ course now to kick-start your career as a Buyer's Agent.


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