Real estate career provides flexibility and opportunity

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Angela Duncan is the million miles an hour mum and absolute real estate boss working at Ray White Aspley. Her real estate career was inspired by a family friend who was “basically the mum from Two and a Half Men”.

“She just sold houses, dressed up, and drank wine all day,” says Duncan.

“And I thought, ‘okay, that sounds like a really cool job, she drives a convertible around and looks like she has a fun day, and that’s what I want to do!’.”

She’s now used her real estate career to go Instagram famous with a hashtag campaign called 100dealsinheels. Each property sale is accompanied with an Instagram post of Duncan in a set of stunning heels and a sold sign in the background.

“What I love most about real estate is the lifestyle,” says Duncan.

“Income is one thing, but I have two little babies so I like to think I have far more control over my name and how I juggle things.

“So it’s flexible in that regard, but I’m completely responsible for my diary, my income, my goals – everything is on me.”

That freedom and independence is really what drew Duncan to a life in real estate, even more so than the glitz and glam associated with it.

“Everyone gets into real estate because they think they’re going to make a fortune – the glamour is the allure of it,” she says.

“But I just always wanted to work for myself; my dad worked for himself as a tradie so that had a big influence on me.”

As a working mum in real estate, Duncan’s dedication knows no bounds.

“I couldn’t be a stay-at-home mum, it wasn’t for me,” she says.

“When I was in labour I was still doing deals – my daughter was a couple of hours old and I was back on the phone – it’s just in my blood.”

As for joining the REIQ, Duncan says it’s about aligning yourself with the values of the organisation.

“It’s important to be represented,” she says.

“And for clients to feel like you’re happy to be accountable, by being part of that group [the REIQ].”

For any aspiring real estate agents, Duncan encourages you to stick with it through any tough early struggles, because opportunities are beckoning.

“Real estate is like an apprenticeship – those first couple of years are really hard,” she says.

“It’s not fun, it’s not good money, but it can really set you up to be a business owner or to be in a position down the track that you can’t get to without that early sacrifice.”

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