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  • 08 Dec 2020
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How to prepare your property for sale

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Simplicity is key when preparing your house for the market. Aim to offer warm, attractive appeal while still leaving space for buyers to plan and imagine a new life in your property. So, before you pick up that paint brush, consider the following key points.

1. Talk to Your Real Estate Agent First and Foremost

For Quaid Real Estate Sales Manager, Tom Quaid, vendors over-preparing their properties for sale is a big cringe point. The Cairns agent says he's visited home owners who have spent months renovating their home - only to have him point out it was essentially a waste of time and money.

"They've spent money they shouldn't have, and they haven't spent money where they should have," says Quaid. "Have your agent assess the property as it sits and then talk about where money can be spent well."

2. Keep Your Home Styling Simple

Quaid says while repainting can be a great idea, aim for a neutral colour throughout, rather than canary yellow. He also suggests prioritising significant fixes, such as replacing leaky taps, damaged cabinetry and older handles, and resealing wet areas. These points are easy for the average tradesperson to fix quickly.

"These are the kind of things you want to address straight away," explains Quaid. "If buyers come in and straight away, they're looking around and thinking 'I've got to fix that and that', they're either going to walk away or offer you substantially less than the property might be worth. So, dealing with these objections prior to your inspection is a big deal, and will make such a difference for a buyer."

If you think your home needs a complete decor rehaul instead of a few quick fixes, you could consider employing professional home stylers.

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3. Consider Your Selling Price and Method

You will have more of an understanding about the property market and the selling methods available to you once you have met with your real estate agent. However, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the local property market from the moment you have decided to sell so you know what to expect.

You'll also need to determine how you would like to sell your property, whether that be by auction, private treaty or expression of interest. Do you research, work out what method you are most comfortable with and consider your agent's advice.

4. Keep Your Documentation Handy

Whether it's simply fixing a leaky tap or a full paint job, Quaid says all sellers' documentation should be easily available to prospective buyers as they will appreciate the upfront disclosure. This may include relevant certificates, body corporate notices and warranty documents.

"Buyers will be more comfortable and can focus on the look and feel of your home."


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