Australia’s Leading Forms Execution Just Got Better

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The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has further enhanced their real estate forms platform (Realworks) by launching utility connection services into their world-leading One Touch Execution (OTE) feature in partnership with Hutly Pty Ltd.

The new feature enables real estate agencies to nominate their default utilities connection provider so that all tenants are offered utility connections in the process of signing a tenancy agreement.

“By automating the offer of connection services whilst a tenant is signing the tenancy agreement will ensure that the service is offered to every tenant at a critical point of the transaction, leading to more successful conversions and ultimately, more money flowing back to agencies via the referral fees,” says Josh Callaghan, Chief Operating Officer at the REIQ. “As an added bonus, it also removes any extra processes or manual entry of data that is prevalent with utilities connection referrals within the industry.”

Launching on 25 June, the feature will include the following providers with more to be added in the coming weeks – Direct Connect, Ray White HomeNow, Compare & Connect, MyConnect, Movinghub, Move me in, Foxie and Your porter.

Compare & Connect CEO, Neil Saligrama says, “We are very excited about what this partnership means for REIQ consumers, as this enables a superior experience for all our Queensland consumers and Real Estate partners. Our Omni-channel approach (in partnership) with Hutly will be benefit everyone in our ecosystem.”

Compare & Connect is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated business which works with a wide range of participating providers to help thousands of customers connect their utility services. In fact, they remove the hassle out of just about everything, taking care of the whole process from start to finish through the connection lifecycle, and their services include electricity, gas, broadband, Pay TV, home phone, solar, water and more.

OTE is a world leading smart contract technology that enables fast, secure and compliant contracts for all parties involved. Real estate agencies can have a lease finalised and signed within minutes, ready for new tenants to pick up their keys and move in. REIQ partnered with Hutly on the provision of OTE within their forms platform, Realworks, which has generated over 26 million forms and contracts over the past 5 years and is the most used platform in real estate in Queensland.

“Hutly is focussed on delighting Realworks customers and this seamless experience saves an agency time and money whilst helping the tenant, leading to a better outcome for all,” adds Jeremy Hastings, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hutly.

“The REIQ is delighted to welcome all of these utility connection partners and their agencies to One Touch Execution. Our ultimate goal is to make transacting real estate simpler in Queensland and OTE is an important first step in delivering tenants the execution experience they expect,” says Callaghan.