Patrick Dixon
  • 25 Jun 2024
  • 3 min read
  • By Claire Ryan and Patrick Dixon

REIQ Life Member Spotlight - Patrick Dixon

Life member, Real estate experience

Claire Ryan talks to Patrick Dixon about his life membership of the REIQ.

What personal significance does being honoured as a Life Member of the REIQ hold for you?

I’m a keen golfer and its often mentioned that with the Australian Open, it’s not about winning the prize money, but getting your name on the same cup as the likes of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Greg Norman and Rory McIlroy.

When I attended the REIQ offices for the AGM, and the lift doors opened up, I saw the Life Member Board with the list of names - it blew my mind and the real significance of being a Life Member dawned on me. I started in real estate in 1973, and at that time Bruce Blocksidge, AV Postle, John Meldrum and David Cameron were at the autumn of their careers, and were all professionals I looked up to. Not to mention Ray White who was a generation before but is still a household name today.

It was wonderful to see all of those huge names up there on the board, and to join them was a big thrill for me.

In what key ways have you made your mark on Queensland’s real estate profession?

Back in the nineties, it was a real franchise era. All the big franchises dominated the real estate scene and there was only a handful of independent agents who were flying the flag for our family businesses. But I like to think that I showed that if you built your own individual brand in the marketplace, and created good will and referral business, that you didn’t necessarily need a franchise to obtain listings and be successful.

I was also President of my local REIQ Branch for a long period of time, and I was happy to give back through that and enjoyed the fellowship of the other agents. I tried to instill in the agents that no one can get every piece of business in your marketplace, so it’s pointless treating fellow agents as enemies.

We’re all out there trying to make a living, and everyone’s got their friends and their clients. It’s funny, take Barristers for instance, who work against one another all day in the courtroom, but at the end of the day take off their wig, go have a drink and enjoy great comradery together.

In that vein, I like to think that I helped changed the attitude of agents from seeing each other as sworn enemies, to being friendly rivals. After all, we’ve been on the same battlefield together, and shared similar experiences and there’s a bonding that comes with that.

Which accomplishment in your career stands out as your proudest moment and why?

I won ‘Agent of the Year’ in 1991 at the inaugural REIQ Awards for Excellence, and when they opened the envelope on the night, it was like winning an Oscar. It was a team victory, and it was such a proud moment we all shared together, our agents and our support staff, but also our photographer, graphic designer and marketer. 

Not only was it a thrill, but it was a gamechanger given the credibility it gave us in the marketplace. The ensuing publicity and leveraging opportunities that followed that first REIQ award win turbocharged my career and lifted my business to a whole new level. (The REIQ notes that Patrick again took out the title of Agent of the Year in 1993, and Agency of the Year in 1998).

As a long-standing member of your peak body, what value does REIQ membership bring to your professional life? 

I always say I got more out of the REIQ than they got out of me. It’s not just paying your fees, you’ve got to show up and participate in the REIQ’s various events and groups. If you make your contribution, I have found that it also comes back to benefit you in spades. I have made many strong friendships through the REIQ for which I’m grateful for, and that’s also made a big difference to my career.

As an independent agency, you could always rely on the REIQ to provide exceptional training for new staff. I could confidently send my staff there when they joined me and were green behind the ears, which saved me a great deal of time and resources in getting them up to speed.

The REIQ is a strong, trusted brand held in high regard by the general community. It’s synonymous with professionalism, honesty and integrity. So being able to align yourself with the REIQ, allows you to ride in their slipstream.

I’d advise any agency to promote your REIQ membership as it has significant pulling power with the public and also helps establish you as a professional agent with strong values. I certainly tried to forge a high level of professionalism in the industry and the REIQ is a great ally to do that.

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