• 04 Aug 2021
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  • By Rory Scott

How an REIQ award advanced a commercial property managers career

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From an assistant property manager to an asset manager, Alana Johnston has achieved quite a lot in her career.

With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, the asset manager at Centennial Property Group knows a thing or two about success.

If you think you have what it takes to be an REIQ award winner - nominate now!

How did Johnston Win?

Based on her achievements, Johnston was an obvious choice for the 2020 Commercial Property Manager of the Year Award. As someone who has already had so much success in her career, her hard work has paid off and she is now experiencing the fruits of her labour.

"At the time [of nomination] I had been at Colliers for almost five years and throughout that time I had shown that I was really dedicated and driven to my role," says Johnston.

"I established good relationships with my clients, and, as a direct result, the clients were consistently providing good feedback on the successful outcomes to Collier's management."

With high-quality and memorable service, Johnston was ensuring her clients had no other choice but to use her as their property manager, time and time again.

"Based on my hard work, dedication and client relationships I was awarded with new management, which was a great achievement for me and a great result for Colliers, leading to them to nominate me for the award.

"I had a good team behind me too, at Colliers. I always had great mentors and they helped me establish my career there and build those relationships which is important."

Mentorship is Key

Without her mentors, Alana says she wouldn't be where she is today. Her advice is to find experienced individuals who can help you grow and reach your full potential.

"You can't be successful in your career if you don't have a good support network and good mentors," says Johnston.

"I feel like that's the big reason why I have excelled - from starting as an assistant to now being in an asset manager role. I've always had really good mentors that have really uplifted me and shown me ways to improve and move forward with my career."

According to Johnston, these mentors don't necessarily have to be from the real estate industry, but they do have to know what it takes to succeed in a professional setting. She is confident that she wouldn't have won the award with the REIQ without the support from her mentors.

Property Managers Deserve Appreciation

As a property manager, you can sometimes feel underappreciated, says Johnston. This is why she highly values recognition from the REIQ.

"[The awards] makes you realise that those long hours (which can sometimes be from 7 till 7) are appreciated and there are people out there who are supporting your career and progression," she says.

"So, it's just a reminder that you‚'re doing a good job. It was great to be recognised and it was really uplifting for me to win." Johnston also points out that the awards are beneficial for all property managers, not just the ones who win.

"It's extremely important that all the property managers who are driven and dedicated are getting recognised by their peers and I would encourage every mentor or boss to encourage others to nominate," she says.

An Award Winner's Advice

Johnston's advice - don't be nervous about nominating!

"I really enjoyed the process. It's so important to just put your hat in the ring because you may feel like you're not confident but you‚'re not seeing yourself how other people are seeing you," she says.

"Take the time to go through that process because you're going to learn from it.

"Go out there and see what happens, you don't know where you could end up with an award and it's incredible to be recognised. So, I think anyone who is considering should definitely give it a go."

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