How REIQ membership can help you in real estate
  • 23 Nov 2021
  • 2 min read
  • By the REIQ

10 reasons why REIQ membership helps you

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No matter what sector of real estate you're in, discover why REIQ memberships helps. It can give you the tools to expand your network, navigate tough periods and enhance your brand. Find out more about REIQ membership.

Here's a reminder of 10 reasons why REIQ membership helps you:

  • Peace of mind knowing you have the free support of the REIQ's Agency Advisory Service and Property Management Support Service to help you when you need advice;
  • Jargon-free and practical legislative and industry updates via webinars, in-person events, the REIQ Journal and Property Management Update newsletter;
  • Free 12-month graduate membership for students who successfully complete their course with the REIQ (starting at $99 for graduates from other training providers);
  • Discounts on REIQ events and the opportunity to nominate for the REIQ Awards for Excellence;
  • Free continuing professional development courses;
  • The opportunity to remain engaged and educated on industry changes and compliance via a 50 percent discount on webinars;
  • A listing on the 'Find an accredited REIQ agent' tool on our website;
  • For agencies, up to 30 minutes of free legal assistance on agency practice issues (per issue) from our partners at Carter Newell Lawyers;
  • Membership of a peak body with the ability to influence government policy direction - including ensuring the most onerous proposed rental laws in the country did not progress, and that vastly improved and more balanced tenancy laws were passed;
  • 50 percent discount on all REIQ accredited and non-accredited training for agencies;
  • Plus more!
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