Potential Government financial incentives available

As the representative body for the real estate profession, the REIQ is in a unique position to provide real estate training that is highly regarded by the profession.

Our training is presented by real estate professionals and is backed up by well researched, comprehensive support materials. In addition to this, the REIQ is able to offer a dedicated apprenticeship team, committed to supporting our apprentices throughout their apprenticeships.

In addition to this, the REIQ is able to offer a dedicated apprenticeship team, committed to supporting our apprentices throughout their apprenticeships.

Depending on eligibility, you may be able to claim:

  • $4,000* per apprentice or trainee in Standard Incentives.
  • *Eligibility criteria apply for each of these incentives. Australian Apprenticeship Support Networks are contracted to the Australian Government to provide you with free assistance in assessing your business for eligibility for incentives and helping you with the processes and procedures involved.

How it works

eligibility requirements

To discuss eligibility requirements, please complete a contact form by click on the button below which will be sent to MEGT for review. They will then contact you to discuss potential employer incentives based on eligibility requirements and discuss the next steps in the process.

Contact MEGT


From an agency perspective, by up-skilling staff though apprenticeships, employees are motivated to achieve a higher company standard. In addition to this, the potential Federal Government funding that can be claimed through the apprenticeship can contribute to the learning and development budget of the agency and assist with ongoing and consistent training.

Apprentices have the opportunity to not only learn the nuts and bolts of the real estate profession through 18 units of competency-based training but are also mentored by real estate professionals who are committed to quality in a structured workplace training program. By combining theory and practical learning, apprentices are given relevant workplace skills that benefit both themselves and their employers by raising the standards of the real estate profession.

The qualification REIQ apprentices complete is a CPP41419 – Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice which has 18 units of study.

apprenticeship employment contract

Engage an Australian Apprentice through an REIQ Apprenticeship and receive discounted Realworks HR membership!

Employ your new apprentice with REIQ’s Trainee Letter of Engagement Agreement on Realworks HR. Speak to our Training Team to find out more 1300 697 347.

WHY an apprenticeship?


We’ve represented Queensland real estate for more than 100 years. We have the knowledge, the network and the credibility to help you succeed.



Real estate training providing streamlined assessments and new state-of-the-art online learning platform. We also offer more assessment support from qualified trainers.



More real estate professionals trust the REIQ for training than any other QLD provider. More than a piece of paper, we give you what you need to know.


About the program

How long is the apprenticeship?

This is a 2-year apprenticeship comprising of 18 units of competency and on the job training.

How is the course material delivered?

This course is available via online self-paced study.

Once students sign up, we will provide them with a login for our e-learning platform, aXcelerate. They will be able to log into their account and access learning materials at any time.

Structure and Subjects

Upon successful completion of this apprenticeship students be issued with a Statement of Attainment listing the units of competency they have completed to successfully obtain their CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice.

CPP41419 – Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice Units

  • CPPREP4001 – Prepare for professional practice in real estate
  • CPPREP4102 – Market property
  • CPPREP4004 – Establish marketing and communication profiles in real estate
  • CPPREP4103 – Establish vendor relationships
  • CPPREP4506 – Manage off-site and lone worker safety in real estate
  • CPPREP4503 – Present at hearings in real estate
  • CPPREP5010 – Manage customer service activities in the property industry
  • CPPREP4101 – Appraise property for sale or lease
  • CPPREP4121 – Establish landlord relationships
  • CPPREP4104 – Establish buyer relationships
  • CPPREP4105 – Sell property
  • CPPREP4002 – Access and interpret ethical practice in real estate
  • CPPREP4003 – Access and interpret legislation in real estate
  • CPPREP4005 – Prepare to work with real estate trust accounts
  • CPPREP4123 – Manage tenancy
  • CPPREP4125 – Transact in trust accounts
  • CPPREP4122 – Manage tenant relationships
  • CPPREP4124 – End tenancy

 The addition of the following subject will allow students to complete the requirements of the Full Licence.

  • CPPREP5006 – Manage operational finances in the property industry


Apprenticeship fees


Payment Plans Available

Apprenticeship payment plan options for CPP41419 – Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice Online with Workplace training and support – 3x monthly payments of $1400 + a $99 one off, non-refundable payment processing fee.

Wage Subsidy 

The wage subsidy is available for a maximum of $7,000 per quarter, per eligible Australian Apprentice, for wages paid in the 12-month period from date of commencement or recommencement. Eligible employers may receive a wage subsidy of up to 50 per cent of the Apprentices gross wage paid.


Based on 84 reviews.
Ashleigh Hopkins
Ashleigh Hopkins
It was an honour to be part of the inaugural REIQ Property Manager Job Ready Program. The program was very insightful and interactive. Presentations were interesting, good slides and real-life anecdotes kept us all engaged. A real eye-opener for us all! I found the workshop refreshing and motivating – there were many elements of my work that can be improved upon to make work life that little bit easier. Laura, Selinda and Connie were all very knowledgeable and engaging trainers and covered a range of topics which appealed to everyone and are vital in the industry. I think everyone is going to take away some good action plans and I think it would be a good idea to refresh on this in a year or 2 time. Thank you also to Jeff for organising an amazing event.
Niki Stockham
Niki Stockham
Fantastic course , great speakers , thank you so much for the opportunity to learn
packie sou
packie sou
Thank you to the trainers, I find them very helpful for my study.
Danii Bennion
Danii Bennion
Malcom Riley is an incredible trainer and REIQ is very lucky to have such an experienced and approachable trainer. As a trainer myself - nationally and internationally I know first had what it takes to able to work an entire room, keep learners engaged and achieve good learning outcomes. Malcolm is very knowledgeable, approachable and really guides learners through every step of the way . Thank you, I have learnt so much . Amazing !
Alana Whelan
Alana Whelan
Rachael Wilschefski has been an amazing tutor!! So helpful and encouraging and a great source of knowledge. I'm so thankful I have been able to work with her on my course.
Colin Ding
Colin Ding
Great course design and online module tools, useful student support especially the private training when you needed. Credit to Rachael for all the support and assistance during the learning period. You are a legend.
Edward Mearns
Edward Mearns
This course was quite confusing at times. But I thank SELINDA RANDALL for all of her feedback on questions and helping mark my assessments! Great work guys 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

What support does REIQ offer?

An apprenticeship provides a very solid foundation for newcomers to build their real estate careers on. A CPP41419 – Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice gives apprentices an extensive specialised education.

  1. Apprentices have a lot of flexibility in their training. Ongoing phone and virtual support is provided by the REIQ throughout the duration of the apprenticeship, providing the apprentice with the ability to develop and apply their skills while on the job. Apprentices also are provided with access to exclusive training development webinars, and have the ability to access the suite of member exclusive content through their REIQ student membership
  2. Apprentices are monitored in their assessment progress for the duration of the apprenticeship. We remind apprentices about submitting assessments they have received and stay in regular contact with our trainers and supervisors. We do everything that we can to ensure that apprentices complete their qualification before the expiry of the training contract.
  3. If an apprentice is having difficulty with an assessments and is repeatedly having to resubmit we will be in contact with that apprentice to see what we can do to help and put them in contact with a trainer.
  4. An apprenticeship Certificate IV differs from a regular Certificate IV in that apprentices are applying what they learn through their training with the REIQ in the workplace. This means that when apprentices complete their qualification they have a combination of practical skills and formal learning which makes their knowledge more comprehensive and relevant than that of someone who has simply completed a Registration course.

Are any other courses offered under the apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship is only applicable under the CPP41419 – Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice. This qualification does includes the 12 units of competency required for registration and this will be issued at the completion of the apprenticeship. No other courses are available as an apprenticeship.

How much time do apprentices need to spend out of the office each week doing classes?

There isn’t a weekly quota that apprentices need to fill for study. During the sign-up, we will discuss the options for training and arrange a schedule that is going to work for the employer and apprentice. Apprentices will be provided access to the REIQ’s learning management system, aXcelerate, which they will be required to access during paid working hours to study, read their manuals and work on their assessments. How much time and how frequently this occurs will need to be negotiated between the employer and apprentice.

How do incentive payments work?

Incentive payments differ based on eligibility.

  1. If your apprentice is eligible, full time apprentices may receive 2 incentive payments. The commencement incentive of $1500 is paid at the 6 month mark of the apprenticeship. The completion incentive of $2500 is paid at the completion of the apprenticeship. The Apprenticeship Network will send you the claim forms if you were eligible. In order to claim the completion incentive, your apprentice would need to be engaged in paid employment when the final unit is deemed competent. All of this should be confirmed and discussed with your AASN.
  2. To assist with the recovery from the impact of COVID-19, the Australian Government is providing support to all eligible employers who engage a new Australian Apprentice. Your business may be eligible if:
  • you engage an Australian Trainee between 5 October 2020 and 30 June 2022, and
  • your trainee is undertaking a Certificate II or higher qualification and has a training contract that is formally approved by the state training authority.
  • Eligible employers may receive a wage subsidy of up to 50 per cent of the Apprentices gross wage paid.
  • The subsidy is available for Australian Apprentices and Trainees commencing or recommencing between 5 October 2020 and 30 June 2022.
  • The wage subsidy is available for a maximum of $7,000 per quarter, per eligible Australian Apprentice, for wages paid in the 12-month period from date of commencement or recommencement.

How much does a apprenticeship cost?

The REIQ Apprenticeship costs $4,200. All fees are payable at the time of enrolment.

Apprenticeship payment plan options for CPP41419 – Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice Online with Workplace training and support – 3x monthly payments of $1400 + a $99 one off, non-refundable payment processing fee.


How are students supported to complete the course?

We offer personalised one-on-one tutorial sessions which is included in your course fees. These are conducted by Skype, phone, FaceTime or email. Trainers are also contactable by phone and email to help answer your questions during business hours. Book your free student support session here.

What wages should I pay my apprentice?

You would be best to speak to either Fair Work Australia or the Real Estate Employers Association (REEA) as we cannot provide advice on wage rates. Please remember that your apprentice must be paid a wage for the duration of their apprenticeship and cannot be paid commission only and cannot be a casual employee.

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no pre-requisites to our apprenticeship. However, all REIQ courses require LLN (Language, Literacy and Numeracy) capabilities, such as a working knowledge of the English language and an understanding of various mathematical calculations. To ensure student ability to successfully complete our courses, students are required to demonstrate their LLN skills by completing a short LLN quiz as part of the enrolment process.

What is an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN)?

Australian Apprenticeship Support Networks represent the Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) and draw up and register the official training contract. They will also provide advice on federal funding from the Department of Education and Training (different to DETE)

Why does my apprentice need to be registered with an AASN?

You will not be able to claim any incentive payments without a registered training contract. Also, if your apprentice is not signed up by an AASN, regardless of whether they are eligible for the incentive payments or not, they are not an apprentice and therefore would just be enrolled as a Certificate IV student.

Which AASN should I use?

Whichever you prefer. Each of the AASN’s does exactly the same thing so it doesn’t really matter which one you choose.

What are the eligibility criteria for incentive payments?

As this is administered by an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network we don’t provide advice on this. We would hate to misinform you so you would be best to speak to one of their representatives. The one thing you do need to keep in mind is that if your trainee is classified as an existing employee they would be excluded from the incentive payments. Existing employees are individuals who have been working for the agency for 3 months and 1 day full-time or 1 year part-time or casual.

Check your eligibility here – Real Estate Apprenticeship | REIQ RegistrationTraining

What if my apprentice is not eligible for the incentive payments? Can they still do an apprenticeship?

Absolutely. Employees don’t need to eligible for incentive payments to be signed up as an apprentice. If proceeding with the apprenticeship is going to be dependent on your receiving incentive payments I would strongly recommend that you speak with an Apprenticeship Network to confirm your apprentice’s eligibility before proceeding. You may also like to get the AASN to email you through this confirmation for your records.