RPL Process

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process where partial or full credit can be granted for learning previously completed through structured or unstructured training, work experience, or by some other means.

The REIQ encourages participants to apply for RPL where they think they may have sufficient skills, knowledge and evidence to demonstrate competence in a unit (or components of a unit) without having to undertake formal training.

Students must be able to show throughout this assessment process that their knowledge and skills are up-to-date and can be applied today. To be eligible for RPL, The REIQ recommends that students have 3-5 years of recent experience working within the sector.

For more detailed information on RPL, the fees and/or to apply please contact the REIQ training team via the contact form below.

Apply for RPL

The RPL process

Upon review of an application, REIQ will contact students who may be eligible for RPL (full or partial) to arrange payment and enrolment into the relevant units or program. To assess your eligibility, applicants will be required to send their updated CV which should include their current position as well as any qualifications relevant to the Real Estate Industry (including academic transcripts showing units/subjects achieved).

Associated RPL Costs

  • Single unit (per unit): $150
  • Registration (12 Units): $750
  • Upgrade (7 Units): $750
  • Full Licence (19 Units): $1500

The RPL process starts with self-evaluation. Students are asked to consider the learning outcomes of each of the units for which they seek RPL, and then make a decision on whether they believe they can meet those learning outcomes and if they can provide evidence to demonstrate their competency. A self-reflection tool is provided to applicants at this stage.

Following the self-assessment process, the RPL steps include a competency conversation with your allocated RPL assessor at your convenience by appointment, collection of evidence such as meeting minutes, completed forms and work documentation, procedures, position descriptions, workplace procedures and sign off from your workplace supervisor (current or previous or both).

Students gaining competency through RPL will be provided with a transcript of results that identifies this. The REIQ will retain a copy of all supporting evidence and RPL documentation on file as required. Please note if RPL is granted, course notes or curriculum will not be provided.

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