Continuing Professional Development


The REIQ continuing professional development (CPD) program is the accreditation system used for acquiring and retaining REIQ membership. Members are required to complete at least 100 points of CPD training each year prior to 31 December, by each licensee of a REIQ accredited agency, or any individual member.

The purpose of our CPD program is to promote best practice and compliance, which also gives you the edge over your competition.

The REIQ program is simple and user-friendly. Members will be required to complete any combination of CPD eligible options to the value of 100 points.

Existing members will need to complete their CPD obligations by 31 December each year to ensure they fully comply for membership renewal for the following year.

Those who do not undertake their CPD requirement in the prescribed time frame will not be entitled to renew their membership and thus unable to access the full range of REIQ member services.

This CPD points icon will be displayed on all promotional material for CPD eligible events and professional development sessions – ensuring they are easily identifiable with the relevant points allocation.


The REIQ offers a range of topics and access options (recorded events and audio files) to make it as easy as possible for you to earn your annual accreditation.

CPD Online Options


There are plenty of events and training on your local area with CPD points assigned. Search our list of upcoming events by following the link below.

Upcoming Events



Stay on track and check on your CPD status on your account profile. You can also apply for external CPD points here (up to 50 points out of 100 can be externally obtained). Simply follow the link below, select My CPD status/Pending External CPD Recognition Requests, complete and save and close.

My CPD Status



Take another look at our zone events! It’s a new year and that means new zone events. Our redesigned calendar and improved structure mean that you’ll have more opportunities to network with others in your region while also learning and building your professional knowledge thanks to built-in CPD components. We’ve also refreshed the content we deliver, ramping up the wow factor and striding into our 101st year with certainty and confidence. Look for an event coming up below.

If you have any questions regarding the requirements of CPD or your current status, phone 1300 69 7347 or visit ‘My CPD Status‘.