REI Super

Real estate’s outperforming itself. So are we. REI Super was recently ranked 8th best performing super fund across Australia with their MySuper Balanced option delivering a net return of 20.0% for the year ending 30 June 2021. REI Super is Australia’s industry super fund for real estate professionals with over 24,600 members and more than $2 billion in funds under management. The fund is public offer, and open to anyone, with a focus on those working in real estate and property related businesses across Australia. REI Super provides a range of superannuation services for members, including super and retirement options, as well as tailored insurance offerings, particularly Income Protection insurance which recognises commission-based salaries. As an industry fund, REI Super offer professional investment management with lower fees, a record of strong returns, personalised service and a choice of investment options.

REI Super has recently partnered with MetLife Australia to provide members, their partners, and children with access to the 360Health Virtual Care service. This service provides free access to global medical specialists, general practitioners, mental health clinicians, exercise physiologists and dietitians to provide you with confidence and clarity around your health and wellbeing. Find out more here.


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