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Property management - New tenancy laws (Resources updated 04MAY23)

Property management cover letters

Property Occupations Act

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General forms

EF032 Conjunctional/Referral Agreement

EF040 Prior Appointment Statement - Property Agents

EF041A Appointment of Substitute Licensee (for Licensee)

EF041B Appointment of Substitute Licensee (for Employee)

EF072 Conjunction Confirmation by Fax or Email

EF100 Notice of Assignment of Appointment

EF101 Request for Client Consent to a Proposed Appointment

EF123 Form 36 Notice of no pool safety certificate

STATDEC Statutory Declaration Queensland

EF186 Written Authority on behalf of Company

EF189 Checklist - Verification of Identity


Buyers' agents

EF002 PO Form 6 + REIQ Purchases Schedule & Terms

EF191 Buyer's Agent Client Instruction Form


Property Management

EF009 New Residential Property Management Checklist

EF012(1)(a) Section 242 Notice

EF012A Section 242 Attornment Notice

EF012B Notice of Sale to Tenant

EF012N Section 206 Notice

EF014 Form 18a General Tenancy Agreement + REIQ Special Conditions

EF015 Application for Residential Tenancy

EF016 PO Form 6 + REIQ Residential Property Management Schedule & Terms

EF017 Contractor Appointment Form

EF017a Contractor Work Order

EF018 Agreement to Terminate Fixed Term Tenancy

EF028 Agreement to Sublet Form

EF070 Tenancy Authorisation Form

EF071 Routine Inspection Report

EF071A Inspection Report used by Realworks Inspect

EF071Ad Routine Inspection Report (used by Inspect Live)

EF083 Rental Appraisal - Written Statement

EF084 Rental Appraisal - Comparative Market Analysis

EF086 Rental Enquiry Form

EF087 Phone Script - Lessor Feedback

EF090 Verifying Tenancy Application Form

EF092 Previous Lessor/Agent Reference

EF094 Checklist - Processing Tenancy Application

EF095 Routine Maintenance Instruction - Lessor

EF096 Routine Maintenance Request - Tenant

EF103 Reminder Notice - Pool Safety Certificate Shared Pool

EF112 Property Management Weekly Report

EF113 Checklist - Tenancy Commencement for Tenant

EF114 Property Management Team Meeting Agenda

EF117 Checklist - Vacating Tenant

EF126 Key Sign In/Sign Out Register

EF127 Communication Record

EF130 Property Management KPIs

EF132 Pool safety instructions from Lessor

EF133R Clients Acknowledgement of Appointment - Rentals

EF135L Consent to receive electronic communication - Lessor

EF135T Consent to receive electronic communication - Tenant

EF136 Smoke Alarm Responsibilities - Lessor

EF137 Smoke Alarm Responsibilities - Tenant

EF146 Residential Tenancy Disputes - Application Checklist QCAT

EF150 Tenant Consent Form - Consent to conduct an open house on the premises

EF151 Tenant Consent Form - Consent to hold an onsite auction

EF152 Tenant Consent Form - Consent to use photos or images for advertising

EF153 Tenant's Acknowledgment - Form 18a - section 58 RTRA Act

EF154 Withdrawal of Notice - Payment of rent received

EF155 Selling Agents notice to Tenant - Evidence of Appointment

RTA14ad Exit Condition Report

RTA1ad Entry Condition Report


Property management - New tenancy laws (Resources updated 04MAY23)

EF159a Checklist - Lease Renewal & Ending Tenancies

EF160 Letter to Client - Ending Fixed Term Agreement

EF161a Client Instruction Form - New Offer

EF162 Letter to Client - Ending Periodic Agreement

EF164 Factsheet - Ending Tenancy Agreements

EF165 Checklist - Form 12 Notice to Leave

EF166 Letter to Tenant - Ending Periodic Agreement

EF166b Letter to Tenant - End Fixed Term Agreement

EF167a Letter to Tenant - Offer of Fixed Term Agreement & End of Periodic by Mutual Agreement

EF168 Letter to Tenant - Notice to Leave for New Fixed Term Agreement

EF169 Letter to Tenant - Notice to Leave for Current Fixed Term Agreement

EF170 Letter to Client - Pets

EF171 Client Instruction Form - Tenant's Pet Request

EF172 Factsheet - Pets

EF172a Checklist - Pet Request

EF172b Letter to Body Corporate

EF173 Letter to Client - Instructions Repairs

EF174 Client Instruction & Variation Form - Repairs

EF175 Factsheet - Emergency Repairs and Nominated Repairers

EF179 Factsheet - Changing Locks

EF180 Factsheet - Minimum Housing Standards

EF181 Checklist - Completing Routine & Emergency Repairs

EF182 Letter to Client - Management Fees

EF183 PO Form 6 Variation - Management Fees

EF184 Checklist for New Tenancy Laws - Variation to PO Form 6

EF185 Letter to tenant - Pet Request Response

EF185-1 Annexure - Approval Conditions - Indoor Pets

EF185-2 Annexure - Approval Conditions - Outdoor Pets

EF185-3 Annexure - Refusal Grounds

RTAPRR RTA Pet Request Response Template

EF197 Letter to Client - New Tenancy Laws (Rent Increases)

EF192 Desktop Property Standard Checklist (Minimum Housing Standards)

EF193a Letter to Client - Property Assessment (Minimum Housing Standards)

EF193b Client Instruction Form - Property Assessment (Minimum Housing Standards)

EF194a Letter to Client - Property Works (Minimum Housing Standards)

EF194b Client Instruction Form - Property Works (Minimum Housing Standards)

EF195 Letter to Tenant - Entry Notice (Minimum Housing Standards)

EF196 REIQ Factsheet to Tenant - Minimum Housing Standards


Property management cover letters

EF097 Cover Letter - Entry Condition Report - Tenant

EF098 Cover Letter - Entry Condition Report - Lessor

EF107 Cover Letter - Rent Arrears - 4 day

EF108 Cover Letter - Rent Arrears - 8 day [Form 11]

EF109 Cover Letter - Rent Arrears - Notice to Owner [Form 11]

EF110 Cover Letter - Rent Arrears - [Form 12]

EF110a Cover Letter - Rent Arrears - Notice to Owner - [Form 12]

EF111 Cover Letter - Rent Arrears Procedure

EF115 Cover Letter - Notice to Remedy Breach - Pet Instructions

EF116 Cover Letter - Notice to Remedy Breach - Yard Maintenance

EF118 Cover Letter - Entry Notice

EF119 Cover Letter - Vacating Tenant (Form 13) - Tenant

EF120 Cover Letter - Vacating Tenant [Form 13] - Lessor


Property Occupations Act

PO Form 6 Appointment and Reappointment of a property agent, resident letting agent or auctioneer

PO Form 7 Disclosure of beneficial interest to the seller by a property agent or auctioneer

PO Form 8 Disclosure to prospective buyer


Commercial and industrial

EF004 Contract for Commercial Lots in a Community Titles Scheme

EF019 EF019 - Contract for Commercial Land and Buildings

EF023 Retail Shop Tenancy Agreement

EF024 Commercial Tenancy Agreement

EF026 Agreement to Lease

EF036 PO Form 6 + REIQ Commercial Management Agreement

EF045 Standard Conditions Commercial Contract

EF051a PO Form 6 + REIQ Commercial and Industrial Sales & Lease Schedule & Terms

EF052 Annual Estimate of Outgoings Year Ending - Form 2.1

EF063 Lessor Disclosure Statement

EF064 Assignee Disclosure Statement

EF065 Assignor Disclosure Statement

EF066 Intention to Renew

EF067 Lessee Disclosure Statement

EF068 Financial Advice Certificate

EF069 Legal Advice Report

EF145 Notice to Remedy Breach of Covenant

EF190 Checklist - Commercial Property Management


Business brokers

EF030 Contract Business Sale

EF031 Prospective Buyer Agreement

EF033 PO Form 6 + Business Brokers Schedule & Terms

EF034 Business Information Statement

EF035 Marketing and Advertising Plan

EF047 Standard Conditions Business Contract


EF078 Request for an Appraisal of Selling Price of a Business

EF156B Notice of Deposit Payment - Business Sale



Management rights

EF020 Prior Appointment Statement - Resident Letting Agents

EF027 Contract Management Rights

EF029 PO Form 6 + REIQ Holiday Let ting (RLA) Schedule & Terms

EF054 Conditions of Bookings

EF055 Standard Conditions Management Rights Contract


Auction forms

EF073 Conditions of Sale by Public Auction

EF104 Bidders Registration Form

EF131 Notice of Reserve Price

EF140 Bidders Guide

EF105A Letter of Authority - Auction

EF188 Checklist - Auction New Sale


Residential Tenancy Authority

RTAFORM 1a Entry Condition Report

RTAFORM 2 Bond Lodgement

RTAFORM 3 Change of rental property

RTAFORM 4 Refund of bond

RTAFORM 5 Change of property manager/owner

RTAFORM 6 Change of bond contributors

RTAFORM 8 Lessor's Agent Signature Record

RTAFORM 9 Entry Notice

RTAFORM 10 Notice of Lessor's Intention to Sell Premises

RTAFORM 11 Notice to Remedy Breach

RTAFORM 12 Notice to Leave

RTAFORM 13 Notice of Intention to Leave

RTAFORM 14a Exit Condition Report

RTAFORM 15 Abandonment Termination Notice

RTAFORM 16 Dispute Resolution Request

RTAFORM R1 Rooming Accommodation Condition Report

RTAFORM R9 Rooming Accommodation Entry Notice

RTAFORM R11 Rooming Accommodation Notice to Remedy Breach

RTAFORM R12 Rooming Accommodation Notice to Leave

RTAFORM R13 Rooming Accommodation Notice of Intention to Leave

RTAFORM R18 Rooming Accommodation Agreement

RTACIN Continuing interest notice


COVID-19 precedents

COVID19-CLPE COVID-19 - Contractor Letter Pre-Entry

COVID19-LTC COVID-19 - Letter to Client

COVID19-TLPE COVID-19 - Tenant letter Pre-Entry

COVID19-TLR COVID-19 - Tenant Letter Restrictions to Entry