What REIQ agents are doing to gear up for 2020

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Once again the new year offers us the chance to set new resolutions, pursue new goals, and leave behind any setbacks or hurdles from the previous year.

2020 is an even more significant milestone, as it kicks off the third decade of the 21st century. It is a time to reflect on the challenges and achievements of yesteryear and the previous decade, before refocusing on the year ahead.

The Journal took the opportunity to catch up with some REIQ members following the festive period, to see what they’re doing to prepare themselves for the new year and beyond.

Jean Brown, Principal and Director at Jean Brown Properties

Jean Brown started her property career at the age of 16, working as a weekend receptionist. Thirteen years later, she opened her very own real estate business, Jean Brown Properties.

Jean Brown creates a strategic business plan at the beginning of every year, and 2020 proves to be no exception. Her plan is broken up into four main categories: People and Team, Customer Centric Goals, Marketing Growth and Positioning, and Innovation and Technology.

“There are a list of tasks and goals under each category and time frames for completion,” she says.

“For example, one of the tasks under the People and Team category is to design a personalised development plan for each team member, including attending conferences, webinars, and events during the year.

“Another goal in the Innovation and Technology category is to educate myself on the proptech innovations that are currently in the marketplace, and those that will be released during 2020, so I can be more aware and consider implementing new technologies into the business that will help improve efficiency and our customer experience.”

Each of Brown’s tasks have a set time frame for completion, or a number of hours that are required to be spend working on them each week or month.

“I keep myself accountable to those time frames and ensure that I’m achieving the strategic plan by scheduling time in my calendar each week to dedicate to these goals,” she says.

Brown spent her Christmas and new year break reflecting on what Jean Brown Properties achieved in 2019, which she says was a great exercise that helped her visualise the progress that was made, but also identify any shortcomings.

“In 2019 I spent too much time working as a technician in my business, but not enough time focusing on the continual improvement of service to our clients,” she says.

“We’ve increased the size of our team which now allows me to focus on ensuring our clients are receiving excellent value and service across the board in both sales and property management.

“We also refurbished our office over the break so our team members came back to a fresh new work space in January.

“I believe it’s important for a workplace to reflect the values of a brand, and our office certainly does this now – it’s in keeping with the style and presentation of our digital footprint and the personal presentation of our team.”

Lisa Perruzza, Business Development Manager at Place Realty, and REIQ Property Management Chapter Member

Lisa Perruzza has been with Place since 2007, in which time she’s negotiated more than 1800 new managements. In 2017 she was awarded the REIQ BDM of the Year award, and in 2020 became a member of the REIQ’s Property Management Chapter.

Lisa Perruzza is taking a team-centric focus to her 2020 business development plan.

“My career goals are to grow the team,” she says.

“To become a leader and mentor for the younger team members to help them achieve their career goals as well, and collectively we’d like to bring on 300 managements into the portfolio.”

Collectively, Perruzza and her team have a 2020 business plan which includes weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals focused around prospecting and social presence. Personally, however, she’s looking to focus more on her own strengths, allowing her to hand over more tasks to her highly capable team.

“I really want to streamline how the team operates, so we all have our individual roles within the team that enables [us] to grow and become stronger,” says Perruzza.

“We’ve employed more staff; we’ve sat down collectively to work on the business plan, and our expectations are really high.

“It’s empowering to work with a group of people who have the same vision, and our vision is not just numbers and how much we can do, it’s to exceed client’s expectations, provide high levels of service, and become an attraction team.”

Perruzza is excited about 2020, and the coming decade, but in addition to her professional and career-centric goals, she’s hoping to be able to achieve a more sustainable work-life balance and avoid burning out or neglecting her personal life.

“I think people who work in real estate are very career driven and very focused on work,” she says.

“With hard work you can earn great money but it can also come with the sacrifice of the other side – your personal life, when it comes to balance with friends and family. I think we all look to have a better balance.”

Brett Andreassen, Sales Agent at Plum Property

Brett Andreassen has been selling real estate for more than 13 years, in which time he’s been nominated for seven REIQ Salesperson of the Year awards, having won in 2015.

Brett Andreassen’s 2020 goals include a 25 per cent growth on gross commissionable income (GCI), an increased market share in two core areas, and perhaps most importantly, a better work-life balance with his young, growing family.

“I want to refine our current systems, and strip some of them back,” says Andreassen.

“I’ll also take a stronger focus on social media, and increase my personal branding marketing, as well as producing higher quality property videos.”

For the most part, Andreassen wants to approach 2020 the same way he did 2019, “but with more refinement”.

“I’d also like to work more on growing my database in middle to high end properties,” he says.

With all the mayhem of preparing for the festive period, and the subsequent bedlam of early January, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the current and fail to look forward to the year ahead.

Andreassen says to curtail this, he took several days out to sit down and plan out the new year, “rather than simply letting it happen”.

“I also booked in all my personal holidays early on, to give a focus to spending time off with the family.”

Daniel Burrett, General Manager at RE/MAX Success

Daniel Burrett has been in real estate for just over ten years, in which time he’s risen to the position of General manager of RE/MAX Success – a feat he accomplished after just four years in the industry.

In a word, Daniel Burrett’s career goal for 2020 is ‘balance’.

“We’ve been gearing up for [2020] for the last four years, and I feel as though we’re in a position to really embrace it,” he says.

“Systems and processes have been bedded down, and I have an incredible, amazing personal sales team around me.

“We love working, and working hard, but we have set it up to actually have a holiday and the occasional weekend off, each.

“We wrote $820,000 in the 2019 calendar year, and are aiming to hit a similar figure this year, but with more work-life balance.”

Not dissimilar from Andreassen, Burrett is planning on achieving the extra time away from the office by booking in holiday time well ahead of schedule.

“Planning the ‘big chunks’ of your calendar first and then the day-to-day appointments around them always ensures that you don’t book out valuable downtime,” says Burrett.

He and his team got ahead of the curve, and sat down for an offsite team planning day back in December of last year.

“We identified what worked in 2019 and what didn’t,” he says.

“This year we would like to up the ante on our value add for existing clients after they’re out of the buying/selling cycle, to become a lifelong real estate professional – similar to how people have a family doctor.

“We refined, added, and implemented – and it was brilliant!”


21 Apr 2021
3 min read