Using tech to shake up property management

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Fear of disruption from our robot overlords is an issue for many in the real estate sector, however,  savvy property managers are exploiting the automation possibilities to help them increase the human-touch factor of their jobs.

In fact, US commentator, Doug Brien, from the Forbes Real Estate Council commented that technology and automation have humanised the property management sector more than ever before. By outsourcing smaller tasks to technology or automation, property managers have been able to focus on higher-value tasks, resulting in better time management and improved service and communication.

Here are our top tips how PMs can get the robots to serve us, rather than the other way around:

Trusting the cloud:

It can feel scary to trust everything with an online cloud, but Realworks makes it both simple and secure for property managers on the go. With 24/7 access available on your phone, tablet or desktop computer, Realworks allows you to create agreements and forms with ease. You can stress less knowing that Realworks is compliant with local legislation, uses the same level of encryption as your online banking and allows clients to sign forms from anywhere in the world with DocuSign technology – so long as they have access to internet. For Principal Agents struggling with human resources, there is also RealworksHR – a full suite of compliant contracts, forms, policies and templates so you can spend less time agonising over employment matters and more time on their principle tasks of selling, leasing and managing property.

Zenplace and Zenbot:

Whilst Zenplace has not yet cracked the Australian property market, similar technologies are undoubtedly close to coming. Zenplace is a property management game changer that uses technology to find tenants and manage rentals more quickly and affordably than traditional agency models. Their latest offering, the ZenBot, is located within each of their properties to rent. Prospective renters can then make an appointment to inspect any time, a unique code is sent to their phone to unlock the door and the robot greets them and shows them around. At the other end is an agent who identifies features, and answers questions and if the tenant wants to proceed, they can fill in paperwork immediately on the screen. Zenplace claims the efficiency of not having agents on the road to open properties allows them to do 10 times the number of inspections and attract a better quality of tenant. However there are some things that just can’t beat the human touch – because if you’ve got stairs, you’ll need two robots.


By all means, video is not a new tool for property managers. However, in the age of video it’s not just enough to use it – your presentation and voice skills in video formats can either make or break you. It is important to engage with resources or professionals in public speaking and presentation to understand how to use your voice to engage and connect with your audience.  It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Similarly for presentation, the quality can make or break the effectiveness of using a video format. If you’re using aerial footage with a drone, ensure you have obtained the necessary permission before doing so. If you don’t have a state of the art camera handy, invest in mobile or PC applications that can set your videos to a professional standard.