Used well, technology can help, not hinder, human connection

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As technology continues to develop at a rapid rate, infiltrating almost every aspect of our lives, there’s an increasing collective focus on the perceived dehumanisation of social interaction, professional relationships and customer connection as a result.

With each technological advancement comes a growing fear that our dependence on technology – both at an individual and business level – is becoming too great, subsequently impacting our ability to connect.

But is technology as detrimental to human connection as its reputation would have us think?

Or can technology actually improve relationships?

It all depends on how you use it.

Technology doesn’t have to be about choosing phones over faces.

Rather, it can be used to get to know your clients better, maintain open and honest communication, increase your product knowledge and introduce more people to you – and your business.

Used effectively, technology can improve the way you communicate with your customers, and in turn, build stronger connections, with more people.

Get to know your clients better

As technology advances, the public view of what technology is, seemingly narrows. Our minds tend to move towards the highly technical, such as robots and artificial intelligence.

But there’s more to tech than that. In fact, the most basic of technology can make all the difference when it comes to getting to know your clients.

As real estate agents, it’s crucial to understand your customer well in order to build rapport and develop trust.

Social media, often considered a primary cause of human disconnect, actually enables you to gain a deeper insight into your client’s personality.

The use of organisational apps and database tools can help you keep track of your customers and their requirements, making it easier to prepare for face-to-face appointments, in turn improving the relationship between you and your client.

Understand your product, and your market

The ability to research is exponentially greater thanks to technology.  We can analyse everything from suburb demographic, traffic congestion, schools, shops, crime, public transport – the list goes on.

Not only that, technology allows agents to store data and keep files on properties that are accurate, easily changeable and accessible, no matter where you are.

The more you understand your product, the easier it is to sell.

And – thanks to technology – the way the product can be presented to your clients is so much more than the ‘photos and text on paper’ of old.

Now you can provide video, virtual tours, Google maps – the list is endless, and it’s all thanks to basic, everyday technology.

Open communication, more often

There’s no escaping reality – face to face communication can only take place with one client at a time.

Time driving between clients also needs to be considered.

Sometimes, face to face communication simply isn’t possible, due to distance, work commitments or

myriad other reasons.

And while there’s no replacement for direct human contact, technology allows you to keep your customers updated as soon as news becomes available.

There’s nothing more frustrating that waiting for life-changing information, but with the use of social media, phones, emails, along with Skype and Facetime, your customers can be kept in the loop, while being reassured that you care about their personal situation – and still see your face in the process.

Connect with more people

For real estate agents, technology has one clear and simple benefit – your message delivered to more people.

As a sales professional, you are your brand, and technology allows you to spread that brand far and wide, while controlling the message you want to deliver – a personal message, by you, to unlimited potential clients.

Your homes will be seen nationally, even internationally.

So don’t be afraid of technology.

It’s not all bad – and it’s not going anywhere.