The REIQ Mentoring Program

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The purpose of the REIQ mentoring program is to equip real estate professionals with the personal and professional attributes that will enable them to excel in their chosen field within the industry.

The program provides one-on-one development opportunities between selected mentors and mentees for a minimum six-month period, allowing participants to manage the process together.

REIQ mentors are highly regarded, senior industry professionals, who have proven success in their chosen fields.

Twice per year, six up-and-coming real estate professionals will be selected to receive mentorship.

To be eligible to be mentored, applicants must:

  • Have a current real estate registration or license
  • Have been working in the industry for at least 12 months
  • Be a member of the REIQ
  • Agree to abide by the REIQ Mentoring Code of Conduct

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please contact our Corporate Affairs & Membership Manager, Olivier Björksäter-Bleylock via email

Mentor guidelines

What does a mentor do?

The primary goal of the mentor is to provide information, guidance and constructive comments to their mentee, enabling them to establish a clear career goal, and develop a path to achieving that goal. The mentor should also:

  • be responsible for maintaining regular contact, the minimum should be once per month however how that contact is made should be mutually agreed
  • help identify the mentee’s goals and career objectives and develop action plans to address these
  • provide advice and guidance where appropriate
  • review the mentees performance and progress
  • ensure confidentially of matters discussed and information provided by the mentee
  • share information on your career successes and failures in order to share lessons learned
  • provide both positive and negative feedback, in a constructive way

Suggested framework

Establish the mentoring agreement

  • upon introduction, establish expectations from both sides
  • decide how often you’ll meet, and in what format (in person, phone, email)

Establish goals and objectives

  • ask your mentee to share their goals and aspirations
  • assist your mentee in establishing clearly defined goals
  • develop a list of objectives for the mentee to achieve during the mentoring program

Provide support

  • help your mentee set specific, measurable, achievable and realistic goals
  • help identify areas for improvement
  • provide a listening ear and share your perspective

Monitor progress

  • keep in regular contact with your mentee, followed up on agreed tasks
  • help keep your mentee goal-focused through encouragement and suggestions
  • celebrate any achievements

Mentee guidelines

Having a mentor allows you to learn from those who have already forged successful careers in your chosen industry. Your relationship with your mentor affords you an invaluable opportunity to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.

The mentee’s responsibilities:

  • follow the REIQ Code of Conduct
  • ensure confidentiality is maintained
  • be willing and able to listen and learn
  • prepare for meetings and be available when you say you will, where possible
  • be aware of professional boundaries and understand that mentors may have limitations with regards to information they can provide
  • ask questions and provide feedback
  • update your mentor where appropriate – they want to know you’re going and hear about your achievements!

The mentor’s responsibilities:

  • assist their mentee in developing and defining clear goals and objectives
  • maintain regular contact with their mentee, and be available for active communication monthly, as a minimum
  • provide support, guidance, information and constructive feedback
  • review their mentee’s performance and progress
  • ensure confidentiality

REIQ Code of Conduct

The REIQ Mentoring Program requirements mutual commitment from the mentor and the mentee to be successful. Both parties must be prepared to give up some of their time to communicate with each other.

The program is for a six-month period. After the program has ceased, neither party is obligated to continue the mentor/mentee relationship. However, the pair may choose to continue their relationship outside of the REIQ program.

If either party is unable to continue with the program, they must contact the REIQ immediately via email:

If either party is unhappy with the relationship, the REIQ should be notified immediately, so that an attempt to rectify the situation can be made

Both parties must maintain absolute confidentiality and respect the privacy of the mentor or mentee

Apply to be mentored

If you would like to apply to be mentored by an REIQ Mentor, please answer the following questions.