The gift of giving

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Real estate professionals are uniquely positioned in the community.

There is a certain privilege that can come with working in the property sector – high commissions, rewarding incentives and a respected social status, just to name a few.

However, it’s clear that most real estate professionals aren’t just motivated by the glitz and glamour, or the multimillion-dollar sales.

Sales agents and property managers especially connect with people from all walks of life – whether it’s a first home buyer scraping together their life savings for a humble abode, a single mother of three struggling to meet her fortnightly rent or a couple forced to sell their home due to financial hardship.

Being able to assist members of the community with their biggest asset – their home – is the real reward for most.

It’s no wonder that so many professionals in the property sector want to give up a portion of their privilege to better the community they work so closely with.

Place Estate Agent Carla Haddan says real estate professionals have a responsibility to give back where possible.

Despite her busy schedule and own battle with cancer, Haddan has established herself as a philanthropist – helping to raise $525,000 for the Wesley Hospital and $72,000 for cancer charity Mummy’s Wish – just to name a few.

“I think we are all responsible to do something for someone who needs a helping hand,” says Haddan.

“There are so many who struggle in our communities and even if you just find one person to help, it makes you feel so good.

“That feeling is addictive.”

First National Real Estate Oxley/Springfield BDM Kiah Coupland agrees, citing that her position as a Board Member for cancer charity Breast Friends makes her not only feel good, but gives her a “great sense of community.”

“[Breast Friends] is a cause very close to my heart,” says Coupland.

“The letter C [cancer] will touch most people in one way or another.

“It’s important to align yourself with something as an opportunity to give back.”

If you have been dedicating your time or money to worthwhile causes like Haddan and Coupland, the REIQ would like to know.

The REIQ recognises the outstanding contribution of individuals involved in community service through the annual REIQ Awards for Excellence.

While it may feel awkward or uncomfortable to nominate yourself for an award of this calibre, it’s important to recognise that your charitable efforts might be the source of inspiration for other real estate professionals to dig deep and give back to their local community.