The best gifts to give home owners at settlement

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If you’ve been selling real estate for a while, you’ve hopefully sold a lot of homes. While the finalisation of sale is likely still an exciting accomplishment for you, for your client it represents something much more significant.

Real estate professionals sell dozens of houses every year, while some homeowners only sell once a decade – if not less.

Selling homes is work for agents, but for the seller it’s a stressful time that begins to consume the majority of their non-working life. As such, finalising the sale brings an overwhelming feeling of relief.

Throughout their selling journey, doubtless you did everything you could to make things as smooth as possible and to get the price they hoped for, but for the perfect cherry on top of your already laudable service, consider a parting gift.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it can be a highly appreciated gesture – however small – that makes a nice conclusion to what was likely a demanding few weeks.

Here are a few gift ideas for home owners at settlement…

Flowers and plants

When moving into a new house, the most important things are unpacked first. The bed, linen, toiletries, clothes – everything need to get through the first day and night.

Even come the second day, things are only a little more interesting; kitchen utensils, crockery, tables and chairs. The point is, for days after moving, there’s little in the way of decoration.

It might not be much, but a vase of flowers on the kitchen bench or in the living room can immediately liven up the house and make it feel more like a home.

Alternatively, a potted plant may not have quite so much colour, but it has the added benefit of not dying and being thrown out within a week.

Houseplants are popular as ever right now, and will act as a nice sentiment when the owners can look back on the knowledge that their plant is as old as they’ve lived in their new home.

Gift basket

It’s hard to go wrong with a big hamper filled with biscuits, shortbread, chocolates, cheese, crackers, lotions, facewash, soap bars, alcohol, or any other variety of things that can fit into a basket.

If you’re pressed for time it’s not hard to grab a pre-packaged hamper, or even order it online and have it delivered straight to your client’s home.

If you want a personal touch, there are plenty of services that will let you select from niche-interest hampers, or even build your own.

Knives or other kitchen utensils

Moving into a new home is a chance to refresh and start anew with things like new furniture, paintings, or kitchenware.

A set of stunning knives, or a boxed set of cutlery, or even a brand new food processor can make a new kitchen that much more exciting to use.

Gifts like these may not feel particularly personal, but they’re always well appreciated. Knives and cutlery and the like are the kinds of things we rarely purchase for ourselves, so it comes as a nice surprise to receive them as a gift.


What’s more synonymous with celebration than popping open a bottle of champagne?

A stunning bottle of bubbly alongside a brand new pair of wine flutes is a great way to signify the end of the journey, and the beginning of a new era in their new home.

As nice as surprises are, this one may be worth asking about first, in case your sellers aren’t partial to sparkling wine. In that case, a bottle of fine scotch or gin can be just as good.

If alcohol isn’t to their liking at all, then probably consider the other options on the list.

A personalised gift

The other gifts will be plenty suitable for most people, but for a truly personalised gift, only you can know what’s the best gift for your client. They may be into golf, sewing, painting, fishing, landscaping, wine collecting, reading, or myriad others, and each of these should inspire plenty of gift ideas.

Additionally, gifts are a gracious extra, not an expectation, so anything will be appreciated by your sellers. Even something as simple as a restaurant or spa voucher will keep you in their good graces, and increase your chances of positive word-of-mouth marketing.