3 Easy Tips to Market Your Unique Home

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So you’ve decided to list your unique home. Great! As recent history has shown, unusual or different homes can garner a lot of attention, especially in the media. However, marketing a unique home does come with its challenges – the difficulty lies within getting the attention of genuine buyers. 

Before you call your local media outlet, here’s three tips to consider before putting your unique home on the market.  

1. Don’t Shy Away From Its Quirks

Whether your house looks like it’s straight from a horror movie or features a rock-climbing wall, it’s important to highlight its points of difference rather than shying away from them. This is your opportunity to work with your real estate agent and have fun with the marketing copy, imagery and social media strategy. Who knows, your house may just go viral! 

If the quirks are a little more unattractive (think dilapidated stairs or a carpeted bathroom), it’s important your agent can balance the pitfalls of the property with its potential. Daniel Lee, Principal of Plum Property and viral video sensation says he adopts a ‘warts and all’ approach to his marketing – never being afraid to highlight some of the less desirable features of a home. In one of his listings, you can see the Brisbane-based agent shaking an unsecured railing on a deck, jesting with viewers that it would need replacing. “There’s nothing wrong with pointing out the flaws of a property, as long as you point out all the positives as well,” says Lee. “It makes you look worse if there’s clearly things wrong with a place and you’re trying to avoid talking about them with the buyers, they’re not stupid.” 

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2. Choose the Right Agent

Selling an overly unique home is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll need a real estate agent that has the right ideas, experience and contacts to ensure your house is not left on the market for months on end. When selling an atypical property, a real estate agent should have a variety of strategies up their sleeve to ensure offers are flying through. For example, Tracey Caruana, Principal of McGrath Estate Agents comes equipped with ideas for buyers who inspect the property, but want to make changes to its individuality. “With unique homes can come issues of functionality, so I always like to be very prepared with quotes to change, fix, or modify anything that I think other people may not like,” she says. 

3. Stop the ‘Sticky Beaks’

If you think your house is worthy of attracting media attention, you may need to reconsider the typical open home process. Have your agent show people through the house via private inspection. It is one of the easiest ways to weed out the gawkers from the genuinely interested.