Retargeting: What It Is, Why You Need It & How To Do It

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Did you know, on average, only 2.8 per cent of your agency’s website visitors are ready to actually do something? If 1,000 people visit your website this month, only 28 visitors will submit an enquiry form. The other 970 will wander around for a while then leave. This wouldn’t be a problem if they came back to your site when they were ready to transact… but that could be months (or even years) down the track, and your website is just one in a long list of tabs they’ve opened. How are they supposed to remember you?

It’s a long journey…

Spoke is a certified Google Partner. In one of our recent regular catch ups, our Google account manager reinforced that it takes, on average, 19.7 months to go from the dreaming stage to researching and being active in the market. Most people dream about transacting for nearly a year before they actually start researching. So, if a homeowner sees an ad for your latest market report at the start of their dreaming phase, they’re probably not going to remember you when it comes time to sell.

Patching up the holes

Savvy advertisers have developed a way to make sure these people don’t forget about what you’re offering: retargeting ads. Here’s a quick explainer:

  1. Someone clicks your ads and goes to your website ;
  2. They leave your website without submitting an enquiry;
  3. They continue to browse the web and social media;
  4. Another of your ads appears; and,
  5. They click it, go to your website, and eventually enquire.

If your website is a leaky sieve, remarketing ads are the bowl underneath capturing all that possible business.

Yes, it’s a buzzword

Because, quite simply, it works. Using ‘retargeting’ in your digital marketing campaigns helps you:

  • Create brand recognition and trust;
  • Save ad spend (because people are 3x more likely to click a retargeting ad);
  • Keep your audience’s attention (the risk of fatiguing your audience is halved);
  • Win and sell more listings.

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Retargeting inspo

If you keep hitting your audience with the same ads, they will eventually fall victim to a phenomenon called “banner blindness.” They’ll stop noticing your ads. Here are some ideas to keep your retargeting ads looking fresh.

For your listing ads…remember that this audience have already seen your ads at least once. Use retargeting ads to create urgency and generate FOMO with copy like, “don’t let this one slip through the cracks” or “be quick before it’s gone” instead of the generic, “Address, # bed, # bath.”

You can also use retargeting ads to combat sales objections. Potential buyers in your retargeting audience already know your listing is on a main road, for example, so you could use words like “sound-proofed.”

Other ideas include creating ads focusing on different parts of the house; shoot a video of the set-up for an open home; or, provide some stats about the first open home attendance.

For your branding ads…this your chance to remind the audience what they saw on your landing page the first time around. These aren’t ice cold leads, remember.

If your campaign advertises free market appraisals, draft retargeting ad copy about how many locals have taken up the offer. If you’re offering a market report, give away snippets of valuable information. If it’s a campaign about who you are as an agent, show imagery of different parts of your life – behind the scenes at the office, a video about how you got into the industry. Your options are endless.

What it all comes down to is this: the average human’s attention span is less than eight seconds. Retargeting provides a mechanism for repetition, which helps your message (and your brand) to be remembered. It’s your most powerful marketing tool but it’s the next best thing!