REIQ launches its inaugural mentoring program!

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Anyone who’s been involved in a mentoring partnership, as either a mentor or mentee, understands the myriad benefits to be gained from taking part.

To support its goal of connecting people and creating passion within the real estate sector, the REIQ launched its inaugural Mentoring Program in November, with a call out for mentors.

The aim of the REIQ Mentoring Program is to equip up and coming real estate professionals with the personal and professional attributes that will enable them to excel in their chosen field.

Successful mentees will be connected with carefully selected REIQ mentors, all highly-regarded, senior industry professionals, with proven career or business success.

REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella says having been both a mentor and a mentee, she can vouch for the benefits gained by both parties.

“Having the opportunity to share your wisdom and knowledge with a mentee is incredibly rewarding,” says Ms Mercorella.

“If you’re new to the real estate profession and you’re looking for some support and guidance, then this program is for you,” she says.

“The REIQ Mentoring Program will provide one-on-one development opportunities between selected mentors and mentees for a minimum six-month period, allowing participants to manage the process together.”

For more information, head to the REIQ Mentoring program.

Meet the current REIQ mentors:

Jean Brown


Jean Brown

Position: Principal & Director
Company: Jean Brown Properties
Time in real estate: 20 years – 10 years in my own business
Specialisation: Property management, business management

My career highlights: I was personally twice finalist for Property Manager of the Year and my business for Medium Residential Agency of the year in the REIQ awards.  In 2017 my office was awarded Property Management Business of the Year by the Real Estate Training Group.  In 2018, I was a finalist in the Gold Coast Women in Business Awards.  Another highlight is the achievements of my team members – Rachael Byrne won 2017 Property Manager of the Year, Jody Young was a finalist in Rookie Sales Person of the Year and Skye Mead a finalist for Corporate Support Person of the Year also in the REIQ Annual Awards for Excellence.

Why I want to be a mentor: I have had the benefit of working with some incredible mentors throughout my career and their support and advice has been invaluable.  I believe I am now in a position where I can share some of what I have learned with others and help shape their careers.

Damien Keyes


damien keyes

Position: Director, Principal, Auctioneer and Co-Business Owner
Company: Keyes & Co Property
Time in real estate: 26 years
Specialisation: Sales, business management, auctioneering

My career highlights: Having worked under a couple of different major franchise groups over the years and achieving individual sales success including two top 10 National Rankings for sales volume, the real career highlight came when my wife, Kirsty, and I created our own brand in the Townsville market in 2012, by starting our own business with a very small but passionate team. Coming to work each day since then has been exciting, fun, stressful and all the other emotions that come with small business ownership and helping people buy and sell property (sometimes all of which are experienced in one day!). I can honestly say we have achieved what we set out to do which was to create a platform for agents to operate their individual sales businesses as part of a leading local brand in our market known for its professionalism, integrity and innovative business practices that not only help our staff members but also their clients which has set the company up for long term success. I have been involved with the REIQ since 2012 and taken on different roles including the Townsville Zone Chair from 2013-2017 and most recently being elected to the REIQ Board of Directors in 2017 to present as Regional Director. Prior to taking on the Board Director role I have been actively involved in the REIQ’s Awards for Excellence and achieved being named as a finalist for the prestigious REIQ Salesperson of the Year 2014-2017 and finalist for Small Agency of the Year in 2014, 2016 and again in 2017.

Why I want to be a mentor: Probably one of my favourite things about being a business owner is helping people achieve success and being a part of their journey and seeing how much it means to them.  This can be a very tough business and it can take its toll both physically with the hours you put in but also with your mental health and the connections you have with those closest to you, your family.  I feel with my experience in this business and having had the pleasure of raising three beautiful kids and balancing life and real estate for so long that I can offer great support to those of lesser experience and hopefully save them a lot of the heartache and hard knocks I endured by learning things the hard way.

Brad Robson


brad robson

Position: Director
Company: Place Graceville
Time in real estate: 16 years
Specialisation: Sales, management

My career highlights: Coming onboard as a director with Place Graceville in 2013 and being given the opportunity to help several people grow into exceptional agents from outside the industry. Joining Steve Carroll and others from within our industry to raise money for Hands Across the Water in an industry-wide push for an amazing charity. Being invited into some of Brisbane’s most spectacular homes, and then given the opportunity to market them for the seller and help them with their sale.

Why I want to be a mentor: My purpose is to help and inspire people, showing them how to become the best version of themselves and this mentor program gives me the opportunity to fulfil my purpose even more. In 2003 I was fortunate enough to meet Peter May who gave me my start in real estate. Over my life, I’ve been very lucky to meet and have many great mentors and I simply want to be able to give back. It’s the mentors in my life who have allowed me to grow into the Director role that I’m in today and in this current role, help and support 12 agents where each of them have come from outside the industry – this is the part of my job that I love the most. Real estate has opened so many doors for me, introduced me to so many people and given me so many amazing opportunities and I see this program as a way of giving back to the industry that has given me so much.

Mark McGill


Mark McGill

Position: Sales Person / Director
Company: McGill Property Services Pty Ltd in Conjunction with Amber Werchon Property Mooloolaba
Time in real estate: 10 years
Specialisation: Sales, business management

My career highlights: Winning REIQ salesperson of the year in 2014 and 2016, and being named a finalist from 2014 – 2019

Why I want to be a mentor: I like helping new people get a solid start into a great industry. I have seen plenty of good talent wasted because they weren’t given the early support and guidance to survive the first 12 months.

Peter Sissons


peter sissons

Position: CEO & High Performance Growth Coach
Company: Fernland Development Corp & Sissons Property Group
Time in real estate: 35 years
Specialisation: Business development, business management

My career highlights: In 2016 -2018 as Head of National Growth Belle Property, growing national network GCI by 25 per cent. From 2012 – 2016, coached 10 Mcgrath Franchise offices in Sydney doubling turnover in 3 years to $3billion. Received the following accolades: REIA Hall of Fame 2011, REIQ Agency of the Year Award 2001, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2003 and 1999, REIA Agency of the Year Award 2010, 2009 and 2008.

Why I want to be a mentor: Having run my own business for over 20 years, and more recently acting as a mentor and coach to agents and principals in both Queensland and New South Wales, I enjoy sharing my experiences and business acumen in a highly personalised one on one fashion, to fast track growth and help others achieve their goals and dreams. I believe every office and every agent should reap the benefits of significant financial success, due to their personal commitment and the sacrifices they make to be a part of our industry. There are no secrets, just processes and systems that when followed really work. Top performers all have coaches/mentors whose role is to keep them accountable.

Rebecca Herbst


Rebecca Herbst

Position: Sales Manager
Company: Bees Nees City Realty
Time in real estate: 22 years

My career highlights: Completing my full licence (through the REIQ of course). Obtaining my auctioneers’ licence. Managing three offices and still selling property myself when I worked in Ipswich. Travelling around Australia to support franchisees, set up their new offices and train and mentor the franchisees under my care. Nominated for REIQ Salesperson of the Year in 2016. Our office winning Medium Agency of the Year 2019.

Why I want to be a mentor: I believe in giving back to the profession, and utilising the experience I have by helping other agents achieve their goals, and want to help by being another person they can turn to when needed.