A Good Mentor is like Gold for New Real Estate Agents


While getting started in real estate can prove to be challenginglistening to the right advice can help make this process a lot smoother. But where does this advice come from? Who can you go to for help?  

Real estate is a career that involves many hours of continuous learning – whether it be practical or theoretical – and finding a mentor who has already has success in the industry can be invaluable to your future prospects.  

Where can you find a mentor?  

Depending on what stage of your career you’re in, a mentor can be found in a multitude of places. The first and most obvious suggestion would be to look within your own network to see if there are any successful agents that you may have direct contact with. 

Additionally, people you know may have some connections to real estate professionals that you don’t, so reach out and ask some questions. Growing your contact list and building strong relationships with driven and passionate individuals will start you on the path to success.  

What to look for in a mentor?  

The relationship you have with your mentor should be positive. Being able to speak openly and honestly with them is the key to a healthy and professional relationship. It’s important to note that your mentor is not your personal advisor, and the relationship should be built on mutual respect. Their job is to provide assistance and it’s your responsibility to take it on board.  

Although it’s important to choose a mentor who has experienced success in their career, not everyone is cut out for the job. Someone may be the best sales agent in the area, but this doesn’t automatically make them the best mentor. 

A good mentor will provide assistance throughout your entire career, not just when you’re starting out. Asking for help can sometimes be thbest course of action and even the most successful agents will sometimes need assistance.  

Find a mentor who wants to share what they have learnt throughout their career and is passionate and enthusiastic about their field of expertiseYour chosen mentor should provide honest and constructive feedback.