• 15 Apr 2021
  • 3 min read
  • By Rex Software

Zapier: The secret ingredient reducing cold calling by 75%

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Are you looking for a cost-effective way to automate processes, improve accuracy and reduce manual handling while significantly reducing cold calling for leads? Look no further than Zapier.

Use Gmail? Or Facebook Lead Ads? How about Survey Monkey, Slack, WhatsApp, Google Drive? If so, Zapier can make your day a whole lot easier. In America, real estate brokers have been using Zapier to reduce lead follow-up time by 90% and cold calling by 75%. That's huge! Imagine making those sorts of changes in your agency - and the relationships you could be building with all that spare time...

Meet Your Matchmaker

Zapier is an automation tech tool that connects your apps, saving you from monotonous, repetitive tasks. You can think of it as a magic set of dominos - connecting one thing to another when a trigger sparks, creating a chain reaction of events. ("Events" being tasks you'd otherwise have to do manually.) We call these chain reactions "Zaps."

Create triggers inside your CRM and you've got thousands of potential automations at your fingertips - no coding necessary. You could use Zapier to send new leads a personal message, notify your whole office about a new lead, share content across social media, file documents in the cloud, and so much more.

Putting Zapier to Work at Your Agency

Zapier could save your real estate agency dozens of hours, every single week, by removing the need for double data entry and potential for mistakes. Not only that, it can help you to generate new leads and convert more appraisals to listings by transforming your follow-up.

Off the top of our head, you could create a Zap so that:

  • When a new lead enquires about a listing, they immediately receive an email from the listing agent with the property brochure;

  • When a contract goes unconditional, all necessary parties receive a confirmation email;

  • When a listing is published on your website, three things happen: the vendor receives an SMS letting them know, the listing is automatically posted to your Facebook page, and your team is alerted via Slack or WhatsApp;

  • When an open home attendee checks in, a reminder is created in your CRM to call them back on Monday; and,

  • when a contact is added to a mailing list in your CRM, this change is copied over to Mailchimp.


By letting computers do all the leg work takes all the humanity out of the job, right? Not even close. Completing these tasks as efficiently as possible frees you up to do the higher-order work and have more conversations with more buyers and sellers, creating that human connection that wins listings.

Getting Set Up with Zapier

Most CRMs are yet to integrate with Zapier. If you use a system like Rex that does, you're in luck - you've just saved yourself from manually building workflows. To get started you'll need to sign up for a Zapier account - a free one is all you need to try a few Zaps. Then for each task you want to automate you add the trigger and then the action. It's relatively simple to do, and the time you spend creating these workflows will pay back a hundredfold.

But don't stop there. Keep going until all your apps are connected to Zapier, automating the workflows that chain you to your laptop, so that you can list more and sell faster.

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