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  • 13 Dec 2022
  • 4 min read
  • By CoreLogic

Providing market insights over the holidays

Market Insights, Lead Generation, Customer Engagement

While you look forward to a well-earned break this upcoming holiday season, your website could be working for you in the background, continuing to provide visitors with rich property information and collecting their information to give you a list of highly engaged leads when you return.

Integrated into your own website, CoreLogic’s Customer Engagement Tool is designed to help real estate agents across Australia identify and prospect quality leads. Your customers can access property and suburb reports (depending on your subscription) direct from your website, to help inform their property decisions.

A customer on your website can access these reports in exchange for inputting their contact details, providing you with a list of potential customers actively searching for property information. It will also help you gain insights into what a customer has been searching, their suburbs of interest or particular properties, allowing you to tailor your conversation when you connect.  These powerful insights can be highly valuable in helping agencies drive their business strategy whilst helping to enhance the overall customer experience.

REGROWTH Director, Kylie Walsh, partners with real estate agencies across Australia, helping them to achieve their overall business goals through coaching and best in sector tools, templates and practices. Throughout her years of experience, she has found that providing an enhanced customer journey is key, and recommends the Customer Engagement Tool to help drive business success:

“In my experience, the foundation of a successful agency is based on increasing leads and improving the customer journey. By using CoreLogic’s Customer Engagement Tool, I am confident that my clients have been able to gain a competitive edge via timely consumer insights which can help shape business strategies and help to attract potential customers…” – REGROWTH Director, Kylie Walsh.

The Customer Engagement Tool is designed to integrate into your website and CRM* and its features are supported by powerful data analytics from CoreLogic’s property universe. Once it’s integrated into your website, the Customer Engagement Tool is always on and working to help to enhance the client experience.

Depending on your chosen subscription type, the Customer Engagement Tool can include access to the following features:


In just a few clicks, your customers and prospects can view key insights at an individual property level (where available), designed to help inform their property decisions.


Your customers and prospects can view key insights at a suburb level, designed to assist in the evaluation of property market indicators across different suburbs.


Subject to your subscription, you can showcase your expertise to your customer base with tailored reports which include insights on estimated local property values and market trends.


Be more informed about your leads, with insights and analytics about your participating customers and prospects including their contact details and which properties and suburbs they are focusing on.


Our reports can be customised with your own branding – designed to help boost your profile in the local market.


Once the Customer Engagement Tool is integrated with your CRM, your sales agents can access potential leads as they arise and have the information to help them to follow up promptly to help drive more meaningful conversations at the right time.

Make cold leads a thing of the past and leverage the Customer Engagement Tool to gain insights into consumer behaviour to help you better assess client needs and tailor conversations whilst fostering meaningful relationships.

If you would like to learn more about how the Customer Engagement Tool might help benefit your agency, contact us via the CoreLogic website:

*The Customer Engagement Tool currently integrates with the following CRMs: VAULTRE, Agentbox a Reapit product, rex, engagebay and ActiveCampaign.

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