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  • 29 Jun 2022
  • 2 min read
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Is compliance important to you? Say Hello to Offer to Own

Offer to Own, Compliance

Offer to Own is a free digital offer management and communication platform helping you to follow REIQ's best practice guidelines. Simplifying the sale to settlement process for buyers, agents, and sellers, Offer to Own allows Agents to manage Expression of Interest and multiple offers easily and efficiently.

At Offer to Own, we understand that complying with REIQ's best practices and staying in control of the sale in an easy and quick way is at the forefront of your priorities. That is why our digital solutions replace analogue approaches to increase the efficiency of your work processes.

So just how does Offer to Own support REIQ's best practices and help to increase your credibility as an agent?

Offer to Own

REIQ's best practices require agents to request all offers be in writing and to notify buyers when they have entered a multi-offer situation by sending them a Multiple Offers Form.

Offer to Own makes this a seamless and straightforward process. Replacing unnecessary paperwork, Offer to Own shares Expression of Interests straight to interested buyers' devices making it easier and faster for buyers to make an offer (in real time). Agents can also keep track of their buyer's essential offer information and other necessary details from a centralised agent dashboard.

When it comes to managing multiple offers, Offer to Own's multi-offer function makes the process quick and easy. Offer to Own's digital approach means interested buyers are required to simply tick a box when making an offer to acknowledge that they understand they are entering a multi offer situation.

With Offer to Own, following REIQ's best practices for multi-offer capability and the requirements of Expression of Interests just got a whole lot simpler so you can save time and focus on what really matters. Less paperwork. Real time communication. Improved efficiency. On the go from your mobile device.

If you would like to learn more about Offer to Own and how you can make the most of its free benefits, you can get started by booking your free demo.

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