Remain compliant with the 2022 smoke alarm legislation
  • 27 Sep 2022
  • 3 min read
  • By Smoke Alarm Solutions

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Smoke Alarm Solutions

Smoke alarms don’t just operate within business hours and neither do we.

‘Murphy’s Law’ tells us that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time. Why is it that smoke alarms tend to sound outside of business hours, when it is harder to get hold of a property manager for assistance?

Smoke alarms have intricate circuit boards and can sound for many reasons without the presence of smoke or fire. Drops in ambient temperature through the evening, surges of power, or the presence of dust and insects can trigger false alarms.

For many years, Smoke Alarm Solutions has offered its clients a complimentary afterhours emergency service for sounding alarms. A dedicated technician has been available 365 days per year to either assist with a sounding alarm or attend a property to investigate further.

We know how much our clients value and appreciate this service. It not only means tenants can have their alarms attended to swiftly to ensure ongoing protection from fire, but it also means real estate afterhours numbers are called less often (which means less interrupted sleep for overworked property managers). This is why we have recently revamped our 24/7 emergency service.

We now have a dedicated team of customer service professionals whose primary goal is to assist clients with sounding smoke alarms outside of business hours. We have heavily invested in training and system upgrades associated with this overhaul and we are proud to be the only smoke alarm compliance provider offering such a specialised emergency service for clients.

By having direct access to our comprehensive customer database, our 24/7 team can confirm the alarm type installed at a property with just the touch of a button. This information can prove tricky for a tenant to determine, as alarms may be on high ceilings or brands may not be displayed on the exterior of the alarm. How you troubleshoot a sounding alarm will differ depending on brand and type, so having easy access to this information means more efficient and swift assistance.

In the event the 24/7 team member cannot assist a tenant over the phone, they can arrange for our technician to attend the property urgently to ensure it remains properly protected.

As an added benefit for our clients, we now also leave a magnet detailing our 24/7 phone number and a QR code linking to troubleshooting assistance, at every property we attend.

This enhanced service inclusion has been in operation for the past month, and we have received fabulous feedback from appreciative tenants and property managers alike.

Our 24/7 team can be contacted on 1300 853 612 and more information can be found here.

Smoke Alarm Solutions is Australia’s leading provider of smoke alarm services to the real estate industry and is a trusted partner of the REIQ. Contact Smoke Alarm Solutions today at 1300 852 301 or email to find out how they can provide a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to remove the liability and stress surrounding such an imperative and intricate set of guidelines involved with smoke alarm compliance. Don’t leave compliance up to chance. Ensure you deal with the experts.

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