No limit to success in real estate

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“Success is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice.”

That’s the mantra that Will Torres, Principal and Founder of Torres Property, lives by.

And it certainly rings true for the young attraction agent, who has hustled hard for his successes – both personally and professionally.

As a child, Torres and his family fled to Australia from war-torn El Salvador in the 80s for a chance at a better life, with little money and only the clothes on their backs.

“For me, I just could not fail because I knew what was waiting for me if I didn’t succeed in this country,” says Torres.

“My mother actually worked three jobs a day, cleaning peoples’ homes just to make ends meet and get food on the table.

“Obviously coming from my background, I had to find a situation with better opportunities… and it was actually my mother who said, ‘you know, you should probably get into real estate’.”

The perception of real estate agents having nice cars, suits and homes was enough motivation for Torres to sign up for a registration course with the REIQ.

However, it was the challenge and excitement of working as a sales agent that brought him back to the REIQ for a second time, to undertake a full licence.

“As a sales agent, I got to work alongside some really great people which obviously catapulted me to where I am,” says Torres.

“I started to find consistency and get a name out there, and I found I was getting listings a lot easier than most people.

“I thought, ‘this is definitely something I can keep on pursuing and build something from’, and when I got my full licence it was then that I thought, ‘okay, I might open my own agency’.”

The decision to branch out on his own was a methodical one, says Torres, who meticulously planned out the finer details before deciding to open the doors to his own agency.

It wasn’t easy. But the rewards have been worth it.

After being in business for 15 months, Torres now leads a successful team of 14 people.

“I think being an attraction agent, writing the numbers and being up there in the top 1 per cent really did attract a lot of other agents to come across with me and I guess instil some confidence in me, based on my hunger and the need to succeed,” says Torres.

For anyone too scared to pursue a career in real estate, Torres says the opportunities and financial freedom the profession provides are reasons alone to give it a shot.

“In this business, you’re not capped – you cap yourself,” says Torres.

“There is literally no glass ceiling for what you want to achieve, and that’s what I love about this business.”

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