Remain compliant with the 2022 smoke alarm legislation
  • 24 Apr 2024
  • 2 min read
  • By the REIQ

REIQ sets the record straight on Smoke Alarm Solutions

REIQ update

We take seriously our privileged position as Queensland’s real estate peak body, and carefully consider the products and services we endorse in our family of preferred suppliers.

With this in mind, the REIQ wishes to allay any member concerns and address a recent media report regarding our valued partner of more than seven years, Smoke Alarm Solutions.

In our view, the allegations in the report regarding the safety and security of Smoke Alarm Solutions’ customer data are inaccurate, and misleading.

In order to help set the record straight, we have outlined the facts:

  • No breaches of privacy laws have occurred, there was no “reportable/notifiable data breach”, and the Privacy Commissioner is not looking to take any action.
  • The incident involved the exposure of “low level data” by a media informer,
    • By definition, “low level data” is data that is often already available to the public or unlikely to cause serious harm to any individuals.
    • The accessed data primarily consisted of information readily available through various public and online platforms or through mapping services or government agencies.
    • This data was suitably contained and access closed. It was transferred to a more secure system with enhanced protection against unauthorised access.
  • No sensitive financial details, such as customer credit card or bank information was exposed.
  • No customer identity documentation such as Drivers Licences or Passports were held (and therefore could not be exposed).

Any customers of Smoke Alarm Solutions who are concerned by the inaccuracies reported in the media report, have been invited to email them directly to discuss the facts of their personal circumstance.

Rest assured, the REIQ remains confident in endorsing Australia’s largest smoke alarm maintenance and compliance service, Smoke Alarm Solutions, as our preferred supplier to members and real estate professionals. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership into the future.

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