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  • 24 Jan 2024
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Persistent on professionalism: Vale Peter McGrath

Vale Peter McGrath

Vale Peter McGrath

Peter McGrath, an REIQ Life Member who passionately lived by the Institute’s mission to uphold professionalism, recently passed away aged 74 years old.

Peter’s dedication and commitment to our industry was unwavering and greatly assisted the Institute to be in the strong position it holds today. 

Peter was an industry veteran and long-standing Gold Coast real estate agent, who became a real estate agent in late 1979. He ran Forge Real Estate in Biggera Waters before eventually merging it with Hillsea Real Estate.

One of the last great ‘branch men’

He was actively involved with the REIQ since 1985, and was one of the last REIQ regional branch men becoming President of the then-Gold Coast Chapter.

Peter made a significant contribution to the Chapter, representing the branch and putting forward compelling ideas at the Members’ Council, as well as monthly meetings where issues were raised and relationships were forged between fellow agents on-the-ground and “down the road” from one another.

Making a mark on the Institute

He then rose through the ranks of the REIQ, becoming a Director of the REIQ from 1990 to 1995, in 1999 and from 2001 to December 2009 – and making an equally significant contribution to the state.

When Peter took on the position of Chairman of the Board of the REIQ in January 2004, it signified a watershed in Institute history.

In fact, this was the first appointment of an REIQ ‘Chairman’ representing a major revamp of the Institute’s structure and strategic direction. It replaced the position of President, and alongside it, the role of Managing Director was also newly created.

Spotlight on professionalism

Peter is described by his REIQ colleagues as being a very straight shooter, a good listener, and an honest man. So unsurprisingly during Peter’s tenure as Chairman, the Institute’s Strategic Plan 2003–2008 had a strong focus on professionalism. He was quoted in a press release saying, ‘2004 is the year that the REIQ will put the spotlight on professionalism within the real estate industry’.

He was instrumental in encouraging incentives for real estate professionals to seek continued professional development (CPD) and ensure they stayed abreast of the “raft of ever-changing legislation affecting their business and industry.”

Peter also wanted to make it clearly visible to the community that the Institute and its members adhered to professional standards of business practice and as such, during his second term, the REIQ was proud to launch the accredited agency program in mid-2006. The program was designed to raise the bar for the real estate industry across the State ensuring professional standards are upheld, widely recognised and publicly acknowledged.

Peter also established a very high public profile for the REIQ through his skilful use of public relations and the media.

Peter was re-elected to the position of Chairman for his third consecutive two-year term in January 2008. However, he resigned in June 2009 to allow a regeneration of REIQ leadership to take place.

Lifelong impact

After being a dedicated and highly-involved member of the REIQ for more than 25 years, he became a Life Member in October 2009. Peter fondly reflected on the lifelong friendships formed between REIQ members over the years and enduring over many years, often spanning well into retirement.

Peter McGrath’s funeral was held on Friday 19 January 2024 at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church in Ashmore, and REIQ Chairman Peter Brewer as well as REIQ Life Members were there to pay their respects and offer their condolences to the family – his wife, Judith and his children, Mary-Catherine, Debra, Michael and Ashley, his six grandchildren, and his sisters Gloria and Jacqueline.

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