Line up! Line up! Let’s Reposition Real Estate

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Calling all Queensland Real Estate Professionals. Our industry needs your help. Together, let’s ‘reposition real estate’ to take control of our narrative and show what’s really happening in property. And it all comes down to a simple hashtag: #OZPropertyALIVE

Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. And images are worth a thousand words. When you combine the two, you have the ability to create an incredible change in the market. And the best part is it’s absolutely free…not to mention so simple!

All it took was a few candid snaps to capture the sobering realities of coronavirus – thousands of people queuing for government benefits around our nation. Echoes of the Great Depression immediately materialised – an era most of us never thought possible if our own lifetime.

As we start our navigation through to the other side of this pandemic, now’s not the time to let bleak ideology and naysayer interests get in the way of much-needed positivity around our property market. Rather, it’s time to kick-start the sharing of stories that benefit buyers coming out as restrictions ease and build on the confidence people have in the property market.

Let’s shake up the symbolism behind the ‘queue,’ put a positive spin on it and take it to socially viral proportions! To play your part is simple:


Take a photo at your open homes this weekend, and every weekend over the next month, capturing buyers in the field queuing up to find their potential new property.

(Don’t forget social distancing protocols too!).


Post the photo to your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more!).


Hashtag it with #OZPropertyALIVE

Property is an aspirational asset, critical to Australians and Australia’s future prosperity. Let’s share photos via #OZPropertyALIVE as a way to document what’s ‘really’ happening in real estate and reposition the narrative to focus on Aussies getting on with their lives and realising their property dreams.

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Buyers queuing up to view property Buyers queuing up to view property Buyers queuing up to view property