Lights, Camera, SOLD: Why Video is a Non-Negotiable for Agents

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Plum Property’s Daniel Lee needs little to no introduction. The Brisbane-based agent has established himself as the biggest player in Queensland’s real estate social media game. His unique take on digital marketing for property transcends real estate while his funny, quirky videos regularly draw tens of thousands of views. Lee is changing the rules and while his social media persona makes it appear like he doesn’t take real estate seriously, he’s all business when the cameras are off.

As a real estate agent, what role does video play in your sales strategy? Should it be more? Have any of your videos gone viral? If not, have you got the science right?

Lee recently ran a video as part of a marketing campaign for a property in Toowong – a video that clocked over 70,000 views on Facebook alone, with nearly 400 comments, 700 likes and almost 50 shares. These are impressive stats in real estate. “You can share that with your seller and show them people are really engaging with your ad; people are sharing it with other people, family members, friends who might be interested in the property,” explains Lee. “Cost versus reward, Facebook and Instagram wipe the floor – if you do it properly. Or you can just be a fool and boost a post for $1,000 and completely waste your money.”

I know what I’d rather. But aside, it’s still difficult to equate providing a popular, funny video with actually selling a home…unless you’re equipped with the data to back it up. That’s where Daniel Lee stands out. If we take a closer look into the insights behind his Toowong marketing campaign, 2,568 people clicked on the property listing link which he highlights equates to anywhere between 20-50 more physical inspections at the property. Since the property portal ad saw a total of 6,932 visits, social media’s influence accounted for 37% (or over 2,500) more views. “If you’re at 20-50 inspections on any property, you’re likely to receive at least another offer,” he adds. “And if you can get one more offer in any instance, you’re doing a great job; you’re adding extra value as an agent.

“When it came to selling the property in Toowong, I had three buyers on the table and it ultimately sold for $1.45 million,” he continues. “Perhaps if I didn’t do the social media ad and I didn’t get the extra 20-50 inspections on the property, instead of 12 people being at the open home when the buyer was there, there would’ve only been seven or eight. Perhaps when they were making their offer there only would’ve been one other offer, or none.”

Image from funny sales video
It’s difficult to equate providing a popular, funny video with actually selling a home…unless you’re equipped with the data to back it up. Image Courtesy of Plum Property .

Lee explains that proper social media use can not only get you more potential buyers and a higher sale price, but also increase your number of listings. “If you can show a seller something like I just have,” he says, referencing the data related to his Toowong property sale, “isn’t that showing the seller that you’re providing more value to them?”

As if that wasn’t enough, your brand stands to benefit too. In Lee’s case, once the Toowong property sold, he snapped a photo of the street signage (emblazoned with a SOLD sticker) with the owners in front smiling and cheers’ing with beers. He uploaded it to social media and used paid advertising to target every single viewer from who tuned in to watch his marketing video (in full) – around 10,000 people. “I target those people because they’re the ones who really engaged with the video, they’re probably the ones who made a comment and shared it with a friend,” tells Lee. “They’re the ones who are going to see the SOLD sign and connect the dots: ‘oh, that’s the property he did with that video!’”

Lee also shares some pertinent tips for those with no idea how to make a compelling property video:

  • Don’t compare yourself to others – only compare yourself against yourself; see if you can beat the last video you did by doing something a little more interesting.
  • Give 20% more energy on camera – the camera sucks the life out of you. You might think what you’re doing is exciting, but you’ll watch it back and think “really?” Give it a little bit more oomph!
  • No more than 50% agent in the video – it’s important to have some of you, but not too much; you’re there to sell the property. It’s also important to not just have footage the property if you’re going to make engaging content, so find a balance.
  • Talk to the camera is if it were a person – don’t freeze up, you’re talking to the person on the other side of the camera, so act like it.
  • Partner up – take someone from the office who also wants to get in video content to have another set of eyes for feedback.
  • If you don’t like what you see, don’t post it – if it doesn’t look good, do it again. If you have to stand in front of the camera and do it 10 times, do it because next time you’ll only have to do it five times.

Now, get out there and produce some top notch social media videos as the markets starts to crank up as we navigate out of the COVID-19 restrictions. You may even find yourself going ‘viral’ and ending up on the silver screen for having such cracking property content…just like Daniel Lee.