Leveraging LinkedIn for increased leads and referrals

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While LinkedIn may not be as fast-paced as other social media platforms, it is a fantastic professional marketing tool that may provide real estate professionals with new opportunities. Here are five simple tips on how you can use LinkedIn more efficiently to market your personal brand and create new leads and referrals. 

1. Use a professional cover image and headshot

Your cover image and profile picture is the first impression someone will get of your personal or company’s brand when clicking onto your profile. It is important to use a head shot that is professional, simple and not too busy as well as a cover image that complements it. Using websites such as www.linkedinbackground.com will give you high-resolution images that are suitable for your cover image, which can then be tailored on Photoshop or Canva to add eye-catching copy or your contact details.

2. Connect your email contacts to LinkedIn

If you are new to LinkedIn or are finding that you do not have as many connections as you would like, try connecting your email contacts to LinkedIn. Whilst it can be considered to be a more impersonal approach, it is an easy way to re-connect with colleagues and current or former clients. The flow-on effect will create more second and third-degree connections, which will expand your network and generate new leads and referrals.

3. Reach out for recommendations and skill endorsements

When people accept your invitation to connect, it is a nice idea to send them a quick thank you message or re-introduce yourself if you haven’t spoken in a while. Use this opportunity to familiarise your new contact with the skills and services you are offering, without it being too much of a hard sell. Better yet, use this opportunity to ask for skill endorsements, or written recommendations to use on your LinkedIn profile. You could even go a step further and use these recommendations on your website or other social media platforms.

4. Join local real estate LinkedIn groups

Joining groups in LinkedIn that are related to the real estate industry is another great tool to gain industry insights, learn about networking events and more. Using the search bar, search for key industry words plus your location; eg. “Property Managers Brisbane” or “Real Estate Toowoomba”.

5. Use the blogging feature

While platforms like Instagram are perfect for showing audiences the behind the scenes of your job or business, LinkedIn should be where you post your highlight reel. Post blog links, share relevant industry information from reputable sources or even show your connections the awards you’ve been nominated for (or won). Ideally, you should be posting links, photos or blogs at least once a week – if not more. Remember, content is one of the best ways to engage your audience – particularly content that your audience can engage with. Don’t be afraid to post inspirational quotes or things that your connections would ideally like to post on their own pages. According to Hootsuite, posts that are shared by people in your network will extend organic reach and expose your posts to your audience’s extended network – ultimately leading you to new connections and potentially, new clients.