Is Your Business Cyber Safe?

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Real estate businesses are not immune from cybercrime. Agencies need to know how to identify fraud activity, how to protect themselves from hacking attempts and what to do if your business is hacked. 

Securexchange has partnered with AON Australia and the REIQ to offer you complimentary Cyber Security Awareness Training to better protect you, your business and your clients against the risk of cybercrime. 

The training consists of two 30 minute online presentation modules. 

Agents who successfully complete both modules will receive a certificate and those who are eligible will receive 30 CPD points from the REIQ. To complete the online training and receive certification, both training videos must be watched and the quiz for each section completed.  

What does the training cover? 

To help you protect your business and your clients, the training focuses on topics including: 

  • How to identify fraud activity; 
  • How to protect yourself from hacking attempts; and  
  • What to do if your firm is hacked. 

To get started with the complimentary Cyber Security Awareness Training, click here.