Inspired by family, motivated by job satisfaction – a real estate story

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As a third generation real estate agent, it seems like a career in property was always on the cards for Haydn Denovan.

However, real estate was never his initial goal.

“It’s a bit of an interesting story, that one,” says Denovan in jest.

“I was actually originally looking to get into a carpentry apprenticeship at the time and admittedly, I didn’t try too hard but I didn’t land one.

“So I started doing some part-time work with Mum and Dad in the family real estate business, and I did a bit of admin, property management and then dabbled in a bit of sales as well.”

His reluctance to foster a career in real estate came down to job satisfaction – he simply never understood how he could find fulfilment in the property space.

“I ascertained very quickly through people and property, and assisting people through a challenging area of their life that sales can absolutely give you that job satisfaction,” says Denovan.

“For me, those relationships you build with clients and the buyers are not just client relationships.

“In most instances, you become part of the family for the period of time that you’re involved, and you are working very closely with that family to get them the result they desire, and to move them from place A to place B.”

When it was time for Denovan to undertake his real estate registration course, there was only ever one option – the REIQ.

“Even before I jumped into the industry, and I guess this is through my parents, I had a very high level of respect for the REIQ as the industry body and what they offer in support for real estate professionals,” says Denovan.

With eight years of real estate experience under his belt, Denovan has some impressive accolades to his name – including being named a finalist for the REIQ’s Residential Salesperson of the Year in 2019 and 2020.

However, he says beginning in real estate while his grandfather was still alive is still one of his proudest career moments.

“I think it’s very satisfying that I was able to get into the business while my grandfather was still alive, that he could see my career starting,” says Denovan.

“I’m quite proud to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather and father, and my mother has been heavily involved in the business as my grandmother was as well.”

While real estate may be an inherited passion for Denovan, he says newcomers to the profession can find the same job satisfaction that he has enjoyed if they choose the right training and employer.

“If you’re looking to get into real estate, I wouldn’t go anywhere else but the REIQ – it’s second to none and definitely where you want to be doing any of your training if you are genuinely looking for a long-term career,” says Denovan.

“Find a workplace that is going to offer a very strong and ethical culture – if you can find that and you are prepared to work very hard, put yourself out there and do all the right things, then you can do extremely well and find yourself an extremely satisfying and rewarding career.”

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