How Business Leaders Align and Build a Culture of Value

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The foundations of a property play a significant part in the stability and value in a home. Well, it’s the same with culture and the potential value in business. 

Businesses with poor foundations, like with real estate, risk the same fate as a floating house. The good thing is that, unlike a wobbly abode, you needn’t necessarily demolish or tear anything down in order to sort it out. 


History Teaches Plenty 

Sapiens have been around some 70,000 years (almost 19,000 generations). There’s now 196 recognised countries, each a sort of tribe, and thousands more unique cultures. In order to consciously build your culture, learn to use some of the same foundational concepts that bond an ethnological tribe. 

Leonardo Da Vinci taught us that as much as knowing our strengths, it was also realising one’s flaws was a part of individual performance. Well here we can swing back to the collective polar opposite again. Tribes are often known for particular collective strengths. When it comes to the culture within real estate, we may often see the high performers put on the podium, yet the strength of the real estate culture isn’t only about the top agent, top gun or top star. 


Collective Culture Strengths

Identify what exactly are the strengths of your real estate tribe. Think behind the flashy surface level of social media, tailored suits or nice cars. Identify the actual skills; articulate them, fly a flag for them, pass them on and wear those strengths in market with pride. 


Create Your Traditions

Think beyond the traditions of hashtags for a successful listing or home sale. When you think about enduring cultures or elements of culture the simple concept of traditions is another not to be ignored. There are four primary categories when it comes to traditions.  



We create traditions to celebrate. Think about birthdays. And did you candles on that cake may have been adopted from Ancient Greece. The round cake representing the moon for the Goddess Artemis, candles and smoke a mechanism to send her your prayers. Celebrate annual birthdays of the office as well as individual team members, or even set client based annual traditions to remind of the day they moved in to their home. 



We have traditions to rejuvenate.  New Years Eve fireworks displays set light to night skies around the globe. Being Scottish, so perhaps a little bias, the fact that we even give this rejuvenation a special name, Hogmanaymakes it stand out. Even having its own mini traditions. First footing is perhaps most well known. Being first across house thresholds after the clock has struck twelve bearing gifts such as whisky or shortbread, to symoblise prosperity or a lump of coal representing warmth.  



And who doesn’t love a good tradition to honour. Weddings are a lovely example. Yet how much different culturally can they be. I must confess, I love a good Indian wedding, where multiple traditions play out over days or even weeks. The colour of dhotis and saris is significant in contrast to the more Westernised suit and tie, or top hat and tails. This is one that real estate does really well: you know top honours and annual awards. Think about how you may do it slightly differently so honoring top agents in your style stands out from the black dress or suit and tie hordes. 



The fourth is perhaps emotionally the toughest yet somehow the Irish turn a tradition of mourning into a celebratory shindig and wake. 

You can take these same four concepts and build your own traditions, relative to your own tribe.  


Learning and legends

A final thought to ponder would be the fact that every culture creates continuity via two simple mechanisms. Passing on essential knowledge and the creation of legends: both of which ignite inspiration far and wide. There’s a real opportunity with those top agents in your business. Yes, you want to them to keep hitting their results. Simultaneously, help them discover that fulfilment comes not only from their own achievements. Learn to harness some of their industry or skill knowledge, extrapolate it, and spread it amongst the teams, regardless of whether they are real estate sales or support. 

In this digital age both are far more accessible and easier to spread.  In fact, if anything, perhaps a little classical culture snobbery is required.  Better filter knowledge and be a little more selective with who is put on that podium.. Those two things alone might serve to ensure the real quality standards in your foundations are held to the highest standard amongst your whole tribe. 

Mark Carter is an international keynote speaker, trainer and coach. He has over 20 years’ experience as a global learning and development professional. His TEDxCasey talk ‘Paws and Effect: how teddy bears increase value perception was the movie trailer for his latest book Add Value.  You can contact Mark at or his book site