Helping You Complete Your REIQ Course

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Students studying a REIQ course can access expert help if they are running into difficulties during their study or when doing assessments. 

On average, REIQ’s trainers have 20 years’ experience in the real estate profession, are fully licensed and are up to date with current best practice. 

Students needing help with their courses can access these trainers on the phone or online via the Student Support Service. 

When study becomes “daunting and scary”

Current REIQ student Christopher Guest says going after a real estate career had been something he’d wanted to do for two years. 

He found the prospect of studying online “dauting and scary” but this was the only way he could do it as he had a job and family. 

Guest initially felt overwhelmed and found himself feeling lost and confused at times, even though all the information was right in front of him. Not having someone there to help was hard. 

“So, I contacted REIQ and told them of the struggles I was having,” Guest says. “Jeff was the person I spoke to on the phone and he was completely understanding of where I was coming from. He was empathetic and put me on the right path straight away.  

“That’s when I got to speak to Selinda. She was nothing short of a guardian angel at that point. She guided me in every way that I needed. She went through individual questions, she was patient with me, she was understanding when I got frustrated at things, but she never let me quit.” 

Chris has nearly completed the CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice Full Licence program and expects he will be pursuing a career in real estate soon. 

Support for students

REIQ Training Services Manager Jeff Irvine says REIQ students can access virtually unlimited help when studying or doing assessments at no extra charge. 

“Students can book 30-minute phone slots with our trainers during weekdays or get in touch with them by email,” he says. 

“We’re here to help with whatever they need, whether its assistance with the key points of a unit they’re studying or queries over assessment questions. 

“We want our students to succeed and we have the experience, expertise and support network in place to help them make it happen.” 

The REIQ offers both face to face and online courses. Find out more about training with the REIQ here.