From the CEO: Progress is Impossible Without Change

With the upcoming REIQ Academy sales leadership webinar only a week away, it’s had me thinking about sales leadership in 2020 and the many changes we’ve seen across the real estate landscape. Most took urgent actions, such as moving to virtual inspections and auctions, and redeploying sales efforts where needed. And as our current climate continues to evolve, uncertainty certainly still persists.

So, can agents return to traditional sales processes post COVID-19? And will they still work? Or are more specialised techniques required as buyers and sellers look for more value-driven service?

Suffice to say there’s a new abnormal at work right now in which sales leaders clearly need to challenge conventional wisdom as they look for answers to these and other questions. Although the traditional sales execution has worked well in relatively stable environments, it’s much less effective in the current “business unusual” world we live in. This pandemic has disrupted the linearity of sales process execution, for what worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow. What’s required are new approaches and enablers to sales actions because old playbooks no longer fit.

With this in mind, why not brew yourself a coffee and tune into the REIQ Academy’s sales leadership webinar in which you’ll discover insights to getting the most out of your sales team, creating and maintaining an effective business and team, optimising your skills to become a better organisational leader and how to overcome sales leadership challenges. For further details and to secure your spot, simply click here.

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