Five things you mightn’t have known about Kochie

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While all Australians should recognise the name of David ‘Kochie’ Koch, there may be many who don’t realise he’s a lot more than simply the host of Sunrise, and the Chairman of Port Adelaide Football Club.

Here are five more facts about Kochie that you may not have known.

Was father of the year 

Back in 2007, the Australian Father’s Day Council named Kochie as the country’s number one dad – an accolade typically reserved for Father’s Day coffee mugs.

Humble as ever, Kochie was hesitant upon first being nominated, saying that he didn’t, after all, consider himself to be the perfect father.

Father of the Year isn’t reserved for flawless dads, however, but rather dads who were normal, everyday people who were proud of being fathers – a description that Kochie thinks suits him perfectly.

Was on Home and Away

Home and Away fans probably already knew this one, but perhaps they didn’t realise that years earlier in 2004 he also made a guest appearance on All Saints – as an Elvis impersonator no less.

In 2009, Kochie rounded out his acting career with a second Home and Away appearance, and a voice acting cameo as a reporter in the animated DreamWorks picture Monsters vs. Aliens.

Perhaps he’s overdue a return to the silver screen.

Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro

In fact, he did it twice.

Kochie enlisted the help of a personal trainer to help prepare for the climb, and to this day sticks to that fitness regime, still seeing the same PT twice a week.

As if that weren’t enough, he also tackled the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea in 2006.

As part of an ANZAC Day special on Sunrise, Kochie – alongside former Treasurer Joe Hockey and former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd – appeared at the track’s end at the time of the dawn parade in Australia.

Is a self-confessed finance nerd

His role on Sunrise was basically a mistake. As Sunrise’s finance editor he was asked to fill-in as co-host for three months… that was almost 18 years ago.

Despite his love for Sunrise, Kochie’s roots remain firmly in business and finance. He’s credited with starting consumer finance journalism in Australia through creating Personal Investment magazine in the early 1990’s for the Fairfax media group and then launched his first family business, Australian Financial Press (AFP).

His current family business, Pinstripe Media, specialises in personal finance and small business content through its brands Kochie’s Business Builders, Start Up Daily, YMYL and Flying Solo along with providing content marketing for commercial partners.

He is about to launch Australia’s first business and finance streaming service, AusBiz, at the end of March.

Is a speaker at the upcoming REIQ Summit in March

The finance journalist, sports team chairman, father of the year, television personality, and all-round business expert will be gracing the main stage at REIQ’s 2020 Summit event in March.

Kochie will give invaluable insight into how to adapt digitally and constantly re-energise your business. He’ll talk about building and running a successful business, as well as the importance of looking to your mentors and competitors for help, and to always keep up with current trends.

To see Kochie and a the rest of the star-studded line-up present in person, secure your tickets to the 2020 REIQ Summit.